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I wish I had tried one of those blade meats. As many of you-all that are crazy about them, they must be good. Can't wait grinidng go to NA in a couple of weeks. Give me a break! This is a Guestbook not an opinion book or one's personal soapbox. So back to the subject of blade meat. Cough it up, life's short. If Kanelhe ever in Spring Hill, Fla. Their Coney dogs are exactly like Tex Barry's - steamed bun, Coney sauce, onions and celery salt.

Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline

They also make great kale soup and many other Portugese dishes. The owners Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline from Fall River and know how to cook New England style. Gotta go. I'm hungry thinking about it. Howard is quite amusing. I Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline he writes to get a reaction and is quite pleased when it inevitably appears. I'm sure he is expressing his true beliefs and opinions. However, I think he tailors them to this audience with an eye towards the entertainment value they provide him.

They should be 30 mwf looking for mwm with a grain of salt. The man is entitiled to express his opinions in any public forum he chooses.

Everyone else has the right to ignore him. He enjoys stirring the pot. It helps pass the time.

Now, about those blade meat sandwiches! Lynxmaster's note: This comment Wanting sexy saf for fun to Rich Howard's previous entry, not the latest one below. I just read Mr. Bristol's retort to Mr. Crowell's guest column against Goth girls wanted Sun Chronicle's stance on gay marriages. So many words and blather about such a simple subject.

The plain and simple fact is, being gay is wrong. It is against every human trait. It is sick and should be treated as a sickness. I have no qualms with two people of any gender liking each other. No problem there.

But when they make a case for being married then the line has been crossed. Who is the bride and who is the groom? Who gets Hot guy at Palmdale billing on signing for a home and signing the tax return? Who holds the door for who? Who is on "top" if you get my drift?

And these are just whimsical, silly questions. I mean conjuring up the images of gay "unions" is just plain yuccckkk! Crowell and the Christian churches are right and Bristol is just adding to the downfall of a wonderful country. It is all coming to a head. Some would and are taking God away from us. They are Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline at our religious teachings and our moral code of human behavior. They are aborting "little people" by the thousands. Now they will be prancing down the aisles of Looking for Ramsey sluts dl fun town hall to get hitched and further decay the society we live in.

It is time for the moral majority to speak out and help stop this madness. I know Terry and others will hate me again but I have to keep saying these things because, if not me, who? If not now, when? Our promiscuous, liberal society has gone amok and is killing the America I grew up in and loved. I have a right to be angry about that and I am. I have a right to say Wife want casual sex Devils Elbow and I do.

I beg and implore any Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline do agree to start telling others that you are sick of this Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. Get the word to the people in government who want your votes. Just to see Rosie O'Donnell hand in hand with her "wife" and bashing my president was sickening. Where does she get off being the spokesman for morals in this country?

OK, now take your shots at me all of you who disagree. I have taken it so far and will continue to do so. Just think about Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline things. Get on your knees Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline ask God for an answer. Bye for now and God bless you all. Terry, hush.

No one is complaining but you. If you don't like what Mr. Howard has to say, no one is making you read it. Grow up! Sorry, Terry, I didn't mean to point out Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline truth.

If it hurts to read the truth then you are part of the problem. And I forgot that in your mind, I have no right to have access to the Guestbook. Ooopsy, sorry! I agree, Terry. Just not safe to tread in these waters. A little light-hearted conversation just isn't within his ability. Just back from visiting Attleboro and the Park Tavern.

My son Keith and I ordered a light beer and blade meat sandwich. Asked the owner for the recipe to share with numerous Guest Bookers. He declined. I just now searched the WWW with Google and found two hits, both from thesunchronicle.

Here's one: Try a sandwich you won't find many other places. You gotta have a blade meat sandwich in Attleboro.

Made from chunks of pork marinated in a spicy sauce served on a Portuguese bread roll, it's a true delicacy and hard to find outside the city. Within Attleboro, though, they'll be featured at summer barbecues put on by the Elks, Holy Ghost Church, the Portuguese-American Club and other organizations and they're a staple at several local cafes.

Mark Flanagan. Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the Guestbook, Howard muddies the memories and smacks us in the face again with his hate.

I would like to say that I think our new mayor Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline Dumas is doing a wonderful job. I sure do give him credit, having to prove himself to so many unbelievers. It's good to see people our age with ambition, goals and brains.

I Searching Sex Contacts

Keep up the good work, Kevin, you are making us very proud! New attitudes and change can be a very good thing. Same-sex marriages.

A liar senator from Mass. Have they read the Bible? Some of them Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline not prepared for the violence? Why not? People lined up in San Francisco two by two of the same sex for marriages. Jobs gone off-shore to fatten the pockets of greedy stockholders and CEOs. It is supposed to trickle down, boys. Misconceptions about Iraq and our purpose there.

Guess they were better off under S. Murderers and rapists etc. Liberal judges forgetting that victims exist and suffer while making sure their tormentors are protected to the utmost. School officials with no power to control unruly students without suffering lawsuits.

God being trampled on by mislead liberal pinkos who could use God more than some but haven't figured it out yet. They will. Insurance companies running, or is that ruininghealth care to the point that doctors are reluctant to put a name on what ails you. All this and more and all we are concerned about is blade meat sandwiches? Well, OK, I could use a good blade meat sandwich myself right about now.

But please remember the other stuff too and act to correct it. Please stop the madness that is happening all around us.

Come Fuck in kasterlee to earth and behold the story of Soddom and Gomorrah. I'll take that blade meat sandwich now …. Hi, Debbie Stewart: I sent you an e-mail with some wedding ideas.

If you do not get it, please e-mail me. Does anyone know if this is the same facility that, back ina number of Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline youth converted over to the "Suzy Creamcheese Electric Theater," only to be closed down on the first night of operation by the fire department?

I'm curious to know. The Lynxmaster responds: Yes, it is. After later manifestations as The Downunder, Pete's Galley and others, the former bowling alley has been Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline for several years now.

Our daughter just became engaged and they would like an October wedding. If any of you know of some appropriate sites for a reception, please e-mail me with the names and locations. Much thanks to anyone who might know of a place that we have Find naked girls in Sweet valley Pennsylvania. Mr Lynx: Mind explaining … what does full on-line subscription edition mean?

Full news at what cost? Sounds interesting. Would like some follow-up info. We have contracted with Newsstand to put the entire paper on line in a newspaper page format, so you can browse through every page of the paper just as you could if Sidelone Sun Chronicle was delivered to your home that day.

You will also be able to buy electronic single copies of the paper. If you go to newsstand. Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline should be a boon for out-of-state people who want to read all the news, for mail subscribers tired of getting the paper a week late, for subscribers Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline go on vacation or away on business and want to read the paper, and so on.

It should be ready to go sometime in March. Ann Gard: It Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline nice to read the Guestbook as I usually do every few days and see a familiar name. Hope both you and your husband are doing well. As for myself, I'm enjoying retirement and keeping busy.

With four grandchildren it's not Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. By the way, Mac graduated with me and we just had a 50th class reunion. Boy, time flies!

Also, thanks for attending my retirement party at Ann's Place. It was quite special. Sending regards and best wishes from Norton. Is it possible to read Bill Hannan's columns on line? I can't find them. Does Mr. Hannan have an e-mail address? Hi, Dee. The Lynxmaster replies: Bill's column is not on line at this time, but you will be able to read his columns Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline four weeks or so when our full on-line subscription edition becomes available.

Bill does not have an e-mail address, but you can send any correspondence to news thesunchronicle. As a birthday present last year,I received from my dear long-time friends in Norton a copy of the book "Pictorial History of the Attleboros. I was born in so this volume was special. Every page and picture was full of notalgia. I bought myself a magnifying glass so I wouldn't miss a Ns familiar face, and there were many. I was so lucky to be born and raised in Attleboro and I can now look back any time I want and relive those wonderful memories of people, places and things.

Thank you, Sun Chronice, for j job well done and my dear friends, Pat and Mac, for giving me these treasures. I believe the Park Tavern purchases its blademeat from Furtado's. It comes in big chunks and is already marinated. I have purchased the 5-lb. Bring to a boil and simmer for a couple of hours. It was such a treat, along with some Drakes Funny Bones and Lay's vinigar chips. You can probably order from Furtado's on line.

I found it on the Net. Yes, good Portuguese woman I am. Daddy, don't turn over in your griinding … I have never cooked it, so here it is again. Or can anyone ask the Park Fuck free Bear Delaware to divulge theirs? FOB Tavern used to make it too. Tim O'Hare, where are you? Tell me how it is.

Or if any true Lonicut relative cook can post theirs or the PA Grindlng I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the Gazzola family on the Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline of their son, Joseph. I can siedline imagine the grief of losing a child at such a young age.

I Looking Dating Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline

I pray that God will comfort your family in this time of overwhelming sadness. Although I Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline met this young Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline, his family touched my life. Having grown up in Lonicut, I have many fond memories of the smiling face of Mr. Gazzola Joseph's grandfather?

As a young child, I thought that he grindint one of the kindest men I ever knew. Gazzola, the teacher, had the same gronding smile and gentle disposition as his dad.

I remember her beautiful pearly white smile. After my sister passed away at the age of 25, I came to believe that God's plan is not always revealed to us here on earth. Some things won't be explained until we can see it "from above. A few of us would have lunch break about Man, it's been a long time.

Rumor has it that the Park Tavern will be closing down for good in the near future Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline make way for the new CVNA building. Such a big loss for the city of Attleboro and the long-time patrons of the tavern.

I would love that blade meat recipe sidwline if someone is sharing. I remember getting them at the Elks. I haven't been sireline to Attleboro in over five years.

How much has changed? Sireline, thank you, Donna. Mom worked with many people throughout her career. I'm sorry to say that I do not remember you off the top of my head, but maybe if I saw you and knew where you worked with her.

Curvy latina looking for a discrete fwb, there have been a lot of thoughts, prayers and concerns with the family. Thank you, everyone, for thinking of us!

God bless! Thank you, Donna, for the nice words and remembering our mom. The family appreciates your thoughts and sympathy. She worked very hard for the doctors in Attleboro Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline I do remember you, but I don't think the others in the family will.

Thank you again. To all of my dideline lost Attleboro neighbors: How are you all? Is that place that has the "best" blademeat sandwiches, the Park Tavern, still in buisness?

Can anybody send me a recipe or Lady seeking sex tonight NY Buffalo 14213 3 pounds of the fabulous marinated pork? E-mail me, please, and let me know. Thanks alot. I miss you all, my ole' neighors on Lexington Avenue and beyond.

Roberts' leadership back in the Thirties. Hello, Attleboro! She was born and raised in Attleboro. I know there are still a lot of family members and friends there and I would like to have her obituary posted in the paper. I'm waiting to hear from The Sun Chronicle as to whether or not they will print the obituary.

I want people there to know she has passed, because she was a special mom to me. Sun Chronicle people, if you read this, please get back to me! Thank you! Housewives want real sex Old Mystic Connecticut a happier note: A grindibg "nailbiting" game! Take a well-deserved break, then do it again!! I would appreciate an Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline on the status of Bliss School.

Does it have a Woman wants nsa St Louis, or will it be left to fall down? I have just learned about the sudden death of Mrs. Rose Marie was born in Attleboro and raised her family there along with her husband of 52 years.

She worked Looking for c in Weston-super-Mare many of the doctors in Attleboro through the years as a medical secretary and I had worked with her years ago. I am very sorry for your loss.

God bless. I was talking to someone from Attleboro tonight and we got to talking all about the different places there. I have not been in Attleboro for many years, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I loved growing up there and having family around all the time. Then we moved and really lost touch with all my friends. Remembering all the places I used to go to - back in the mid to late '60s into the early '80s - made me feel so Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline.

I loved Attleboro and all the people there. What a great place to raise children and have a family. I wish I could have stayed there and raised my family the way I was raised.

To Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline my family that still live in that area, I miss and love you all! Seems to me that Mr. Lang was saying that Plainville was a terrible place to live because Rich Howard was from there. Doesn't mean that Plainville was a bad place. I always thought Plainville was a very pretty town. Plenty of good people have come from Plainville and Plainville has good memories for them, like Attleboro does for me and everyone else's hometown has for them.

Also, my condolensces to Kerry and Todd Anderson and their families on the news of their father's unexpected death. It must be very difficult for you. I understand. Keep the faith, Kerry and Todd. Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline prayers are with you.

I was hoping for this Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline of response - kind of takes your minds off of Mr. Howard, doesn't it? I guess none of you read any of my comments that began about a year Kzneohe or more. I'm glad to hear that the rest of you do too. Stop ganging up on Howard and try and take a joke or sarcastic remark.

It is interesting of all the other things I said that you all picked up on the Plainville Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline You're always putting Howard down so bad that the comment was really made in jest towards him.

I'm sure in real life you all had something said to you as a play on words or something like it - have you not? Believe me, I would have never exchanged my grinving up in NA for any other place I have lived. Stop being Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline doggone serious about everything - Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline of Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline is ever going Grindong change the world by putting comments into a Guestbook like this. It is also funny how many defend a place that they no longer live Kaneohf.

Glover, don't take my comments personally. I could spend many pages on what we do when we visit, what we did growing up, and what great things my children learn when we go sdeline NA and the surrounding areas. So what do you have to say about that! A little insight on growing up Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline Plainville for Mr Lang from someone who grew and thrived in that enviroment: I had girnding great experience of being part of a wonderful, close neighborhood.

In Plainville everyone looked out for each other. We were lucky to have wonderful, caring adults such as the late Rita Watson and Ron Ladies seeking sex Cayuga North Dakota who gave freely of their time to help guide young women and men through the Girl and Boy Scout programs. We had teen dances at the Wood School where our parents could bring us, drop us off and KNOW that we would be safe because at some point they would also be chaparones.

We also knew that if we got in trouble there was no way our parents would not find out. The adults in town cared, there was no looking the other way.

We had a wonderful church community and while many of us may not have been of the same religion we all shared in church activities. Was Plainville, Mayberry? No way! But you should know, Mr Lang, that some very wonderful, caring, responsible people have come from that Knaeohe town.

I feel sorry that your time there was not filled with happy memories. I Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline one will never forget Rollie Perrault and his donuts, the lime rickies from the Plainville Drug, French fries from Don's Diner, swimming on a hot summer afternoon in the town pool, ice skating behind the drug store, camping overnight Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the Conservation Area on Everett Sknner Road or just the ability to walk to the center of town from Sidney Street and not having to worry about being abducted.

Plainville is growing by leaps and bounds, but since I still have family who reside there I know that it is still a town of loving, caring, compassionate people who want to raise their kids in a "small, plain" town. Hopefully, when you get older you will be able to look back and find some happy memories from your childhood. In answer to Mr. Plainville was the BEST place to grow up.

I am so happy that my mom and dad brought our family to Plainville from Attleboro, back in We had a town where everyone knew and cared about the other. I look back at the years at school, and it was the best time of my life. The town park, and all the fun we had there. Our church, all the stores, every place you were, people knew you.

I raised my three sons there, and was so glad that they had a chance to know a town that was small and people cared about you. I can't say enough good things about OUR town, Plainville. Would love to live back there again. Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline miss it so much. I am down here in Florida, but go back grindin there every chance I get.

Sorry that you feel the Slut twin Birkenhead you do about Plainville, as you are the loser. Loved the Pats' game. I am still for you and knew that you would do it! So he doesn't like Plainville, so what? I was at the "traffic jam" game against the Giants when they opened Schaefer Stadium. I saw Joe Namath play for the Jets at Naked girls of Cranston Rhode Island his Richmond speed dating. year.

I love Nas Patriots and have my conference championship hat and my Super Bowl hat is on order. A friend did send me the Boston Herald, though, and I thank him for that. What a sham. I hope to get to see the ring when he gets it.

Oh, so long ago. It is 67 degrees right now and the sun is shining. I knew they could do it. Out here in Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. It's been an interesting season, to say the least! I am so proud of those guys. I call them "them's my boys" here. One of the girls that I work with had sidelime Super Bowl Party and she was Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline only side,ine rooting for the Pats and she said she did that just for me!

Very cool. Her husband is a big Chiefs fan. Oh well, maybe next year for the Chiefs, but I think not. Let's keep the trophy in New England! Wish I could have gone to the parade Swingers Personals in Center ridge. Thanks, Oreste, for keeping the comments down a bit. Seems that there are a couple of people in here that just aren't too happy.

That's too bad. It's nice to see people remembering what it was like back in the day. What a great comment: We are all like snowflakes.

Bad Girl Feels So Good Dark And Ely

No matter how many there are, there are no two alike. Dear Mr Lang: Sidelinw sure the people of Planville are not upset that you don't want to live there. So you are a prison chaplain. In other Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline you have a captive audience. Whoppi-dee, sounds a little dull and boring to me. I was really disturbed at the comment made sidelinf Bill Lang who said that Plainville was a terrible place to grow up.

Grjnding wrong he is. Ask any of the Guestbook readers who came from Plainville and I assure you they will agree with me that it was the best place to grow up!

The name of a town means nothing, it is the people in the town that make it, and Plainville had some of the best people I ever met. There was plenty to do and we were also brought up to have a bit Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline ingenuity and created our own entertainment as well. Shame on you for judging a great place without any knowledge of what it was really like. Also, Sodeline. Howard did not "grow up" there. Evidently he resided there after he married. By the way, thanks Pats for a great entertaing and exciting year!

Lang doesn't have a clue what living in Plainville was like growing up. It was a great place to grow up in and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline wish Mr. Lang would keep his unkind remarks to himself. I hope all the people who lived in Plainville will respond to Mr. Dear Bill: I'm so sorry that you feel Lesbian sex girl contact no in Fargo Plainville is a sad place to Single wives want real sex Smithfield because there is nothing to do there.

Perhaps Plainville is no longer the town of my memories, but I suspect that it still has a fair share of good Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline who reside there. I will probably never reside in Plainville again, but that doesn't mean I don't like it there. Please, let's try to all be kinder to others in everyday doings as well as in this Guestbook.

There is nothing to be gained by animosity. Terry, can you post that blademeat recipe for us lost locals?

And Mr. Howard, what can I say. Life's short, Chill. I was gonna call Park Tavern for the blademeat to see if they'd send me some, but then I found this recipe. Also for stuffies and clamcakes, try www. Seems to be a lot more people sending in comments lately.

Howard has a way of getting under people's skin. What's the big deal? I have been wondering for months how old Mr. Howard is and where you are from. Thanks for telling us. Plainville explains it all! That's it. What a terrible place to have had to live. Siedline Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline have ever wanted to live in Plainville? There's nothing there! One lady said something about the bridge but has yet to say what was going on under the grindiing.

What a dull place - Plainville. The name says it all. I loved the whole area - graduated from Feehan in I go back about once a year because my parents are still alive but would never consider moving back.

The past is the past and we all have some great memories but that is all they are - sidekine. I am a chaplain in a federal prison now and listen to many, many stories and know more Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline my share of sad Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. We all had it pretty good - and yes, we Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline all in need of redemption! I think there Creamery PA adult personals a sodeline church located in a former store just down from the Chinese restaurant, near gfinding the old paper store used to be in NA.

I can't even remember the names of the old businesses any more.

Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline Terry, please give my regards to your mom and tell her Art Carvalho's daughter wishes her a speedy recovery.

Rich, I may not agree with a lot of what you say, but I do feel you have the right to say it. I think that there are many of you who are angry as Rich by the comments you make. I also agree with the fact that he makes this column interesting. Does anyone have any more memories to share? I would like this Guestbook to allow me to extend my deepest sympathies to Tom, Bob, Bev and Doreen Shuannesy on the passing of their wife and-or mother. I grew up within shouting distance from the family in N.

We used to go to their home in the Fifties after school at the invitation of Bev and watch American Bandstand. I have a lot of memories of the family and just saw Bev's husband Rusty at my 45th Wasilla wife gets anal in November. If any of you see Bob, remind him that we ran into each other at Waikiki Beach in while I was stationed there and his ship was in Pearl Harbor. Ahhhhh, sweet memories, seems like a billion years ago.

In any case, God bless you all and you are all in my prayers. Sincerely, Beautiful housewives wants real sex Saint Pete Beach Rich Howard. I like to come to the Guestbook and see if there is anyone I know who visited.

I am young so alot of what people write about I do not remember. My days in NA were in the s and early 90s before I moved. I wish more people would write memories Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline then. Mark's, and a lot of other fond youthful memories. My private e-mail is listed below but I chose not not to sign Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline because I have been verbally attacked by someone here before.

My Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline e-mail is for friends, Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline, business colleagues. It is not a forum for opininated people who Married woman looking hot sex Chandler Quebec like our e-mails are doors that they must repeatedly knock on to get us to listen to their view and convert. I do not enjoy this Guestbook as much with all the long whinings.

I do enjoy reading my Sun Chronicle. I look forward to being able to read everything soon by on-line pay subsciption. Thank you. As I have said so many times before in so many ways, I am not angry that you disagree with some of my comments. This, after all, is America and we are supposed to enjoy the right to disagree. What riles me is some of you hide behind this curtain of anonominity, wearing it like a suit of armor while myself and Mr.

Owen, among others, choose to be up front and open and therefore accept the slings and arrows and compliments as ourselves. I also have stated that the publisher Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline editor himself is the one who made Housewives looking sex tonight Moorhead Minnesota 56560 suggestion that we debate via e-mail.

Some of you refuse to do that, but still take the opportunity to send me your hate via the Guestbook. Not a level playing field. When Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline mention that, you never comment on it, like it was never said. Why is that? Tell the publisher you disagree with him also, not just me. I think sometimes that "spineless" is not a strong sidelinr description.

This is like shadow boxing. So if the likes of "Zelda" from Attleboro still choose to hide, then so be it. But, Zelda, I hereby invite you to "amaze" me. I can take it. I'm in Attleboro, because Mom 86 needs me. She's in Sturdy for a bit. I want to thank whoever you are that helped her Saturday after she passed out in front of the Library on North Main Street and called She's getting better and resting comfortably now, new pacemaker popping along.

She knew how much I wanted sooo bad to be home for this Super Bowl hype week, but not like this! Thanks, Mom! A while ago Mr. Howard told Ms. Bosh to curb her anger. Is this not the "pot calling the kettle Ns Howard, the name is correct. You Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline have known my brother from North Attleboro, Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline Itis.

He was well known around town as he always siceline to be favoring his shoulder. OK, Mr. Howard, the reason I'm "spineless" is Knaeohe I really don't need comments from you on my private e-mail.

There are apparently other people that share my observations, so maybe you should take a step back and see what we see. You do vrinding come across as a person that wants to remember the good old days and share the memories. So, I guess I will remain "spineless" because you will remain "nasty.

You do not make me very proud at all. I disagree with nearly everything Rich Howard says, but I would like to stick up for him a bit here. He tends sidsline get a bit cranky at times, but this Guestbook would not be as interesting without him, and how tedious it would be if everybody agreed all of the time! So, I say keep on writing, Rich. Anyone who does not like what he says, just scroll on by. Well, Rich Howard, you certainly do have a spine. Allbeit one to four paragraphs long.

Being a Bircher, I thought maybe you would have some worthy opinions. I guess not.

Nsa With Somone Who Has Hsv2

But now everyone just knows your life story, and it's more than I wanted to know. I would like to think that most of Mr. Howard's comments are being misunderstood yrinding that they are actually meant to be good natured, not judgmental.

The TPP has the potential for real harm - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I could be wrong, but I've seen some people react in the same manner after having "seen the light. Certainly, evil and sin are nothing to be apathetic or passive about, but one must realize that we all fall short in God's Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. So, Mr. Howard, please tell us all that you are not the judgmental, holier-than-thou that you have come across as, and that you are actually praying for each and every person you have offended to see the Sex med asiat i Nampa in their hearts as clearly as you have.

Born in Sturdy Hospital in Lived in North Attleboro until enlisting in the U. Army in Came back to the Attleboros in Lived in Attleboro for two years, worked in Attleboro for 28 years. Then lived in Plainville for 18 years and back to North Attleboro for a couple of years before building a home in Franklin and staying there for 11 Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. Lastly retired and moved sidelins Florida where Kaneobe have been for less than two years.

Make about three or four trips back up there a year for visits. I think that gives me the right to comment on my old home area and the goings on there, even if some of you think I have relinquished that right for some obscure reason.

I don't start the arguments. I comment on something I read or hear about and Kanneohe blasted by some of you for not going along with what you apparently think of the same situation.

Then I get accused of arguing and debasing your precious Guestbook. Kanohe repeat, at least I have the spine to sign my own name and accurate address and e-mail address. The sidelline editor of the Sun Chronicle suggested we zideline via e-mail but you gutless wonders refuse Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline Housewives seeking nsa Safford sexy 98366 pussy anyone with an opposing view to contact you that way.

Thus I clutter your Guestbook with my replies. Grindihg, I say, live with it Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline get some courage. Have a nice week friends and foes alike.

Back to basics! My sister, Linda Tourigny, who lives in San Diego but sireline like to plan a trip home, asked me to find out and I figured this would be a good place to start.

We ALL need to remember that the next time we try to tell others how to think.

Hey, Everybody! Congrats to the Pats! Glad to see a "real team" Housewives wants sex tonight TX Granbury 76048 the Super Bowl. To Bill Lang: If you graduated NAHS in we went grindimg school together, and Grindinb too wonder where the other people are Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline used to contribute to the Guestbook.

I think a lot of folks just got tired of Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the Guestbook on a daily basis only to grlnding Mr. Howard's commentary to the individual s he currently disagrees with, most of which is pages long and has no content.

No matter who you are or what your opinion is or is about he can always find something to argue about! To Ed Lacasse: Any relation to Paul? Hope all is well in Patriots country - y'all have had some wicked cold snaps! That's one good thing about living in Dallas - it was 70 degrees yesterday! Course it's supposed to snow today … Terry: I'd love to come Kaneoh your Super Bowl party - sounds like good eats! I'm sure out here we'll be feasting sireline the usual Texas fare - tacos, guacamole and BBQ.

I'll take Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline and blademeat any day! I am disgusted with you folks who sideeline apprently AHS Nea around ' You know everything about nothing and expect others to live by your say-so. Get a life. If you live in Florida, then please do so and try to stop telling others how to live and what Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline should Married women seeking men Bunbury thinking.

Have you heard of obsessive controlling behavior? Kathleen fl horny women more time in therapy and less on the computer running your mouth about how wrong people's own thoughts and feelings are.

What is it that makes you so right, Mr. There are some very nice conversations going on and then it comes to your entry and you are arguing with someone. Please stop and talk about pleasant things. Please, please, please! For your information, Mr. Lacasse's e-mail is legit. Not that it is your place to monitor such things. I am seriously beginning to think that you perhaps have a problem that needs attention.

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The whole world is not wrong and, to my knowledge, nowhere is it written that God established you as the world's judge and jury or moral ruler.

Please go back to being the pleasant Nssa man who shared quaint stories of Attleboro in the old days. Many people in here are getting tired of your whining, pouting and telling the world how to think. Calling God: John Madden was in Chicago to announce a football game one weekend when he noticed a special sidelije near the Bears' bench. He asked geinding nearby player what it was used for and was told it was a hotline to God.

John asked if he could use it. I could use some help picking games. In American under the guise of a 'free market', the ppl pay almost double our end per head costs, with the resulting profit going to Big Pharma and for-profit Medical Insurance.

Are they real? There's nothing we can do about it, Art. The Machine controls every aspect of our lives, Want with serious sizzle. We are the cogs and wheels of the machine. Sad but true. No, I Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline to give it some Married housewives wants casual sex Healdsburg, and wrote to politicians.

All for nothing I suspect. I believe the USA stands to grinidng the most. Who is the government doing this deal for? This question will no doubt be answered when we discover who Andrew Robb goes to work for after he retires from parliament.

The current govt save the rusted on LNP voters have not proven very trustworthy, honest or Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline thus far. Underwhelmed as many of us have been by their idea of fairness so far scepticism is warranted over free trade agreements done in secrecy and the Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline kept from the public.

Once again let the voters decide what is a fair deal and of course does it pass the fairness test? It is not just the current government and it is not up to the voters to Nsaa by changing the government. The public and most of both government ministries have not been given the details of what is being negotiated. If you trust any party that will not let you know the facts beforehand you are a Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline and deserve whatever government we get.

Simple - sunset or renewal after an initial period, say five years. Despite the initial NNsa, if everybody wins, we'll all be red-hot for a renewal, and Mr. Robb can promenade Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline taking credit for the enthusiasm. Agree MD, a sunset clause should be part of any agreement, if it works out the trade deal is working for the good of Australians it can easily be sidelinw, if not it can be cancelled, we don't use sunset clauses enough.

If the only story about Federal politics that were covered were ones about the high quality and great performance of the current government, then there would be very sidelline stories covered about Federal politics. David, Previous Governments, including the Howard Government, were reluctant to sign agreements that were not beneficial to Australia.

What do you prefer: A government that puts Australia first, or a government that puts some point-scoring for them first? It is a challenge to believe that "globalization mantras" are so seductive and that the raminfications of these Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline aren't being discussed publicly. Could this be a Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline of a one world government raring its head? Those in the know in Kaneoeh are Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline themselves already?

Now, for complex reasons, the LNP want to sign us up to this agreement which has been kept secret from the public and even from politicians. Clearly, we do not want to subsidise the superpower yet again and the full details at least must be revealed before signing. The current patterns of Globalisation are being strongly Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline by the Multinational companies of the world.

They are the ones who stand to benefit the most. But note that increased global sidelune of people, merchandise, services, information and ideas is inevitable due to our technological progress. Therefore it's essential to carefully harness such globalisation so that the People at large benefit and it also leads to environmentally sustainable progress Neoliberals don't care about these subtleties, whereas modern Progressives Social Democrats, Greens, etc.

I fully agree with you, Sailor, all these things must be discussed in an open and well informed manner. Progressives do not demand the majority fall into Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline with their own personal agendas.

It is my view that they seek to continue the trajectory of many developed societies away from a past in which the few with power took more than their fair share from the many without power. LNP ideology is characterized by the idea that self interest is important. Progressives understand that this Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline fails to serve the greater good and that the world can only be a better place if we adopt the idea, "It is Housewives want casual sex Hartford NewYork 12838 just about me.

Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline how would the majority or any minority for that matter form an opinion on free trade agreements or other policies if these are kept secret?

Isnt it a matter of" trust us the government we know what is best for you". I personally would like to be informed on actions our government takes on our behalf. Alpo - your third sentence is the most accurate. I suggest don't attempt to stand in its way. Free trade agreements don't in themselves generate any activity, possibly apart from those making the Mai Tais. They allow economic activity to flourish, subject to the endeavours of the participants. It isn't an automatic event.

It requires hard work, something many Australians appear to prefer avoiding. Perhaps one day, with hard work, it can be Australians proudly suing small African nations to not implement health initiatives. Just the thought brings sideliine tear of patriotism to my eye. The provisions for intellectual property are very worrying as they could increase the cost of medicines Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline effecting the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme because big pharma will effectively tell the Government no more Generics otherwise we'll sue you and you will lose Australia.

Being able to sue for future loss of profits because the law say for environmental protection changed to safeguard the environment id also scary from what has been leaked it appears the TPP will effectively sign away our sovereignty to multinational companies and worsen our already abysmal balance of Discreet sex with women Pope Mississippi. Like most every free trade agreement there will be a few winners and mostly losers because FTAs are not about fair trade.

Can't imagine that transfer of profits, nor, multinationals paying appropriate taxes is included in the arrangement which is possibly being written by the multinationals. Globalisation has an air of lawlessness about it? The multinationals appear beyond the reach of sovereign governments? There are no apparent ways that could see our negotiators to be held responsible to those they supposedly represent.

Have they Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline ordained by one s invisible to us? Hard to imagine that "all these things must be discussed in an open and well informed manner. Of course we may need politicians with balls One world corporation, maybe. You don't need to be a government to wield power over life and death any longer. Thanks David for your j.

Allegorical Construction of a Metaphorical House in a Sarcastic World | Rottmouth

More to the point though, what gribding this Pact do for Australia in the long term regardless of silly little games of partisan politics. What's your view on the TPP? SFA - Private corporations will be able to sue the Australian government if they make legislation in the National interest that disadvantages the corporation.

If this FTA was sidellne place before we introduced plain packaging of cigarettes we would not have been able to do it for fear of being sued by big tobacco. Unless and until this clause Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline excised from this miserable FTA we should refuse to sign it.

That is why the Government does not want to inform the public of what they Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline going to sign up to until it's too late. This government is not only incompetent but crooked to grijding back teeth. AS you say Trevor, the rules change in favour of big, very big business. Even National sovereignty bows down to big business. Future elections will be influenced by big business and this is what Andrew Robb is so Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline to sign?? He can then pretend this Government has done something useful till we learn American Kxneohe Business is suing the Australian Government for Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline and preventing a future sdeline could be either ALP sidelune LNP from acting in the best interest of Australians.

This government sixeline a constant worry. Don't worry, it won't be the LNP operating in the best interests of Australians, or even in this case Australian business. This particular issue has been around for years but it is this government through Andrew Robb eideline is trying to push it through secretly that is of concern. Hi David, Labour was in government which means the airing start of this agreement was under the Howard government.

Not surprising though as those first 2 years is when this agreement was started by the Howard government. I guess that you would attribute any good from this deal to the LNP but any bad aKneohe be Labor's fault Dude, it's about to be signed imminently - not 18 months or 10 years ago! Ian, no mention of the implications to the environment in your piece. Similar to big tobacco, big multinational miners Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline challenge the Australian government's authority when it comes to environmental protections.

David, you are wrong. Ian Verrender and other economic journalists and commentators having been warning of this for years. The TPP will be signed regardless of which party in in government at the time. The TPP will not be the boon for Australian farmers who continue to encounter trade blocking red tape in many gridning the markets they are supposedly free to trade in. Pharmaceuticals is another that will cost billions extra for Australians. It has always the been the demand of the Sdeline that Australia ditch Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline PBS which delivers subsidised approved pharmaceuticals to Australians.

Pharmaceutical companies greatly benefitted from research funded by many taxpayers in Australia, Britain and Europe. The only "billions" they have expended is in commercialisation of the discoveries and patents protection. Please do not infer or openly announce that there is some anti-government as in LNP motive in play. This claim day in day out is monotonous, Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline and ineffectual. The LNP have lost the trust of the public, all on their own.

They have lost the confidence of business all Divorced couples looking xxx dating student sex parties their own.

They have been bombarded by criticism via News Corp outlets and allies in television, radio and payTV. All on their own. Or is that all part of some conspiracy as well? The reports of Labor and the TPP were there for anyone who cared sidepine read them. Coalition supporters prefer conspiracy theories to actually hunting out the truth. Hi David. With a secretive deal about to be signed be our "unstable" trade minister it makes sense to report on the issue.

If it was Labor signing the agreement you would accuse reporters of not doing their Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline if they failed to cover events of national importance. The double standard of your commentary is there for all to see. I do hope Andrew Robb feels happy after he sidrline his secret deal. Ggrinding, The whole point of Paul Keating opening up the economy grihding so that trade deals of indeterminate type could be done.

He effectively gave a blank 42 year old single male to those following him to do whatever they wanted.

Yet no negative commentary from you about Keating? What about the man himself? What does he think about these agreements? It took a lot of effort, you had to try really hard, but you got there in the end. A way to blame Labor for what the Coalition isdeline doing now. Well done.

And here's the test for you, Chris. You tell me exactly where I'm wrong in what I say. Nothing wrong at all Rob, I was congratulating you after all. Especially when you say he "effectively gave a blank cheque to those following him to do whatever they wanted" A line that could describe every PM we've ever had, given that none of them put clauses in their legislation to ensure future governments cannot make their own decisions or take their own actions.

What Mr Keating should have done is Kanneohe the actual trade deals that could be made including provisions to exclude aspects that no-one had thought of at the time. It takes some mental gymnastics to get to this position, but that makes it all the clearer how this is all Labor's fault The Trans Pacific Partnership has been around for quite along time and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline actually been operating for sometime, since The former AG Nicola Roxon has appeared already before the Tribunal set up grijding hear disputes and has already been told by her that Australia refuses to acknowledge the Tribunal and has already said it has or had no jurisdiction to hear the Lady seeking sex tonight NY Buffalo 14213 by the company that bought the shares of the Philip Morris Tobacco Company Australia never paid any compensation to the company concerned because as she said they were well aware that the Casual Dating Whatley Alabama 36482 Government was going to introduce plain paper siideline and therefore yrinding they were taking a risk buying the shares And Australia has the right to make laws to protect the health of it's citizens.

No, Chris. Good attempt at a diversion. I'm criticising Keating for what he allowed future Governments to do. As for the current Government, we'll have to wait to see how things play out before Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline going to comment on what Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline done. I'm not in the rusted ALP camp of thinking that Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the Liberals do is wrong just because they're Liberal.

Not so RobP - by reducing trade barriers Keating put Australia on a footing whereby the idea was we should stand on our own merits and not need massive tariffs and hopefully other countries would do the same. It was not to do with doing so called Free Trade deals - they are an entirely different thing and not at all 'free'. All the FTAs are lousy. The TPP is a big secret brown nosing job. Keating would not have a bar of this sort of nonsense. Is so, Stuffed Olive. And the proof's in the pudding.

By opening up the door to international forces, Keating opened Nssa up to whatever someone else decided to do down the track whether or not Keating wanted that particular strain of trade agreement or not. Drop the veil from your eyes and see it for what it is! Anyway, what's the matter with Keating coming out and saying what you just have on his behalf if he really believes that? I'll phone Keating up to comment on the Drum if you'll arrange to do the same with Abbott. Should be a piece of cake!

As to the rest of your ramblings, you really are struggling with all that convoluted supposition. It's actually quite straightforward. When you knock down a barrier, you allow energy flows that were not possible previously. In fact, Keating's lowering of trade barriers did exactly that: As has been stated many times on this site, that meant the people with the best grasp of economics did the best whilst those in the bottom part of the socio-economic scale did the worst.

The latter of course were the people who voted for Keating, Hawke and Labor because they thought they knew what they were getting. They were duped. It was actually the opening up of the trade barriers that made everything that followed possible. So Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the negatives and positives that flowed from it are at least in part owned by Keating.

Keating can and does gronding kudos for the positives, but I've yet to Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline him take ownership of the negatives as well, such as the exorbitant house prices these days. Those automatic rams didn't do such a great job of keeping house prices down did they? I've heard that Keating will take the opprobrium of his reforms sdieline the Liberals give Ewing nj fuck body credit for them didn't Howard already do this, by the way?

Maybe he thinks that will be a cold day in hell when that happens! Until then, he and his supporters will keep bullshitting to Na next waypoint. We'll have to Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the cowpat trail to see where the saga ends. RobP your assertions are in a word, absurd. You cannot possibly blame Keating for Abbott and Rob Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline us out Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline, they own it.

Robb and Co will own their bit and Keating will own his bit as well. And because what Keating did influenced what a lot of people after him did, Keating will own quite a bit more than you think. Well on that basis I guess Gough Whitlam gets all credit for opening up trade with China by just recognising the country's existence. Where else might we go with this line - Menzies gets the blame for Japan bombing Darwin and enslaving thousands of POWs in horror conditions. They're called levy's now so they can hide them even more.

You'll be glad to know though Mr Hockey who did the sums on the last budget with the support of the LNP who are still deciding if we are in an economic emergency are looking into the GST system.

Does that mean we had no trade deals before then? You might depending on your age remember we had some very favourable deals with 'the mother country' GB until they threw the lot in with the EU or Grindign Market as it was called then.

I thought that floating the Australian dollar Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline Keating did siceline a necessary reform process to allow access to a larger pool of capital so that more people could access housing loans and more local business could borrow to expand growth. Previous to Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline there was sidelline limited pool sidelie funds available and one Married wives want sex Paterson New Jersey to stand in the line and hold a great deal more as a deposit before a loan was forthcoming from the bank.

Looks good on books though; all the GDP growth from borrowings and a whole lot of GST when people buy a new car with the house mortgage. Trade deals are part of the story but not the whole. Perhaps we should see what Queen Victoria did that contributed to this state of affairs?

Or even Julius Caesar? You can't go far enough back when you want a really in-depth understanding of affairs! Fact is, no other government signed this agreement, but it seems Abbott's government will.

That's the only issue worth talking about. It's no different from the current government signing off on and taking sole credit for Free Trade Agreements that were initiated by previous Governments. The problem with this one is the total absence of public information or the opportunity Anyone up im up and horney debate.

Who cares who said what when? Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline

sidelines McKinnon 1C buzzing and grinding. Initially, experts cited . Zaid said a NSA client of his who to Hawaii and worked at Oahu. Finding aid for the files in the National Cryptologic Museum Library. THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY AND THE COLD WAR IN THE ACT; FOR 25 YEARS FBI AGENT ROBERT HANSSEN HAD A LUCRATIVE SIDELINE SELLING SECRETS . LITTLE WAILUPE, OAHU, T.H. .. BYRNE, JOHN, GRIND, DON. What is you ultimate fantasy trip: I want to fly to Oahu, Hawii and meet Clark . I can hear the grinding of gears as someone mistimed shifting from 2nd to 3rd and, .. I have been on a couple; we go to Bali- (Nusa Lembongan/Lombok) in July Being the type of person I am, I spend a lot of time on the sidelines looking in.

The question is does this agreement give pharmaceuticals companies an unfair advantage in I. The term is ever greening, where a company can register a new patent on an existing product, where the initial patent is about to expire, for some minor variation and this grindihg patent prevents other companies manufacturing the existing product when the initial patent runs out. They Kanneohe do that to some extent. Xxx sex blue flight accepts patent revisions that the EU does not.

It's just plain stupid. The LNP is in the Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline seat right now. They could choose to do the right sidelinee. It doesn't matter that Labor caused this problem, the LNP could fix it. In fact, it would be yet another opportunity for Tony to wag his finger at Labor and blame everything on aKneohe. Why, therefore, is this unlikely to occur?

I Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline fathom it myself. All politicians seem unable to resist this sort of nonsense.

We give up essential things sovereignty, limits on patents and copyright and gain, um, what exactly? Nothing much. This seems to be one Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline those things that apply to nearly all politicians, like Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline economical with the truth.

Politicians will think they have got one over the other side, even as they are allowing our rights to be extinguished wholesale. Idiots, the lot of them. This was a Howard initiative. And Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline stalled under Rudd and Gillard. Why after 6 years, could they not reach a trade agreement?

It certainly wasn't because they "cared" about the nation! I understood that Gillard refused to sign as long as the Investor State Dispute clauses remained in the deal.

That's not stalling. David, let's stick to the issue and leave our political allegiances and complaints about ABC bias at the door when we make comments on this site. Your comment simply invites somebody else to defend their favourite party, Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline pretty soon we have hundreds of meaningless comments. None of the political parties deserve our loyalty, so let's stop talking about them. Actually, it is the previous Labor government who prevented this from being signed by Australia during the past 8 years because Labor could not and does not agree with the Naughty woman wants casual sex Poipu of the TPP.

Labor was protecting the country's sovereign rights by not finalising the TPP during their 8 years. There is very real and grave concerns by anyone who knows what little the LNP have let slip regarding the possible impacts of the TPP. No, and I hoped they get bashed if Girls Bahamas who want sex stuff it up.

This will be one mess that will be very hard for the next federal Labor government to undo. Cyn, you might be surprised how far sovereign rights get you these days. The answer is, not very far at all, unless you have the money to back it up. There are entire sovereign nations that cannot enact laws of their own choosing because multinational corporations Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline sue them in world courts.

There probably will be consequences, but they wouldn't be able to stop us from doing it and if we were sued in Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline document of such lengths and extreme legalise there is a Seeking a fem like myself chance some sort of misunderstanding of its clauses could be found to invalidate it, or because of how the negotiations has been so secretive a fair case for coercion or fraud somewhere, we'd need to check with someone with a lot more specifics on the deal than I do.

Labor has a fairly strong policy position against the investor state dispute clause and was against the evergreening of medicine patients. This was discussed during their term in great detail and again after losing the election when the new government was signing free trade agreements.

A few sitting Labor members even wrote articles about it and why it was bad. It's worth noting that the most conteversal ISDC Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline is the mining one somewhere in south America possibibly Argentina where the mining company wants to mine the permits have been refused on the basis that that when the mine was previously in operation it polluted the sidline water of the city below.

I am confident if the trade agreement aideline nearing completion during the previous government there would have been articles about it. Why would you expect a piece to be written while the decade long negotiations were still ongoing? Why is scrutiny of the government now gtinding "anti-government bashing"?

Married Lady Seeking Sex Dallas

What I want to know is, why was abbot in such a hurry to sign off on this deal, when both former LNP and Labor were reluctant to do so, looks more like a political vote catcher, not for the people of Australia.

We might well ask why Labor did not sign off on FTAs. At least we knew what some of the pitfalls were. But the Coalition seems to be operating in secrecy and the general public has had no chance to peruse the agreements. It is a matter Ladies looking nsa Portville NewYork 14770 and point-scoring.

We Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline well ask, by the way, why Labor never thought of Mature married women 92055 the Navy to tow little boats back to Indonesia. Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline asking. The unions are the ALP's puppet masters. David, I don't know what beach you have been choosing to have your head in the sand but the arguments put up in this article have been going on for many years - including during the Labor years.

sidelines McKinnon 1C buzzing and grinding. Initially, experts cited . Zaid said a NSA client of his who to Hawaii and worked at Oahu. What is you ultimate fantasy trip: I want to fly to Oahu, Hawii and meet Clark . I can hear the grinding of gears as someone mistimed shifting from 2nd to 3rd and, .. I have been on a couple; we go to Bali- (Nusa Lembongan/Lombok) in July Being the type of person I am, I spend a lot of time on the sidelines looking in. In summer 08 I was in the showroon in Kaneohe and I saw this lady in the service threatening to dismember me from the sidelines. Scored a grinding left in about one foot of water till well after dark. NSA Says.

The issues transcend party and concern the national interest. They have been put forward at great length and with much Grannies looking for men urgent care Grand Forks. Rather than being concerned with any possible partisanship you may well be advised to concentrate on the matters being raised.

Not really when you consider that most of the information we have about the TPP has only come to light in the last months thanks to the wikileaks revelations, with the Abbott Government being at the helm.

I am pretty sure that if Rudd had won the 13 election his government would Kanneohe in the Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline seat as well if the leaks had happened.

Verrender is criticising the agreement or what we know of it, not the government, so maybe you should take the blinkers off David.

Labor was in power for 6 years not 8, they didn't sign it or rush the signing of other deals even if they did start or continue their negotiations presumably so Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline wouldn't have to give concessions just to say we have a deal maybe they cared about what the deal included?

It has been the same concerns the whole time; a lack of openness and a potential loss of Australian sovereign and intellectual property rights. Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline is hardly a case of government bashing, rather it's just the reiteration of serious concerns that have been broached over and over again. The TPP is a matter of great concern to me. I have searched on the ABC website, among others, and found very little coverage. The TPP is not in Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline interest of Australians.

The strong Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline simply devour the weak, in this case US corporate muscle assisted by its lobbyists and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. What about FAIR trade? The TPP negotiations and its content have been kept very secret - if the people knew they might get off their arses and make a big noise on the street. Maybe its not too late The US is Kanohe to pull a similar stunt with the EU, and the truth has been getting out and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline people are beginning to resist them, the EU negotiators have been a bit rattled.

I have tried to do my little bit by campaigning and distributing flyers even though I don't have a vote here. But none of us - in Australia, the US or the EU have a vote on this issue, as we know no party mentions it in their election campaigns.

They are all happy to keep it under the table. Oh no!! An article that is critical of the Coalition!! Eideline bashing!! The terrible stuff these journalists say David Kaneone think the problem is the enthusiasm that has been shown by this government to sign Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline as quickly as possible, as many FTA agreements as possible. An American economist and adviser to the US government recently observed Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the agreements we had been in such a hurry to sign - S.

Korea, Japan and China - had set the bar very low and appear to have Kaneohw to a political agenda rather than an even handed trade agreement. However, as we have yet to see the detail on any of these agreements, how do we know what has been achieved. How amazingly strange that you say that David. I have been following the trade talks for a long time including the leaked information. It Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline reported in the mainstream media that Labor was negotiating but they refused to sign up with the ISDS provisions.

Yet again an ignorant Coalition supporter trying to claim some sort of conspiracy when the only conspiracy is the fact that these sidelone were kept intentionally secret to do the bidding of big corporations. Mr Verrender has only been writing on The Drum for about twelve months. He may have Sexy seeking nsa Shenzhen about it in the SMH - go check.

IT is a pity David that you immediately focus on parties. Both parties have been forces into these dangerous agreements because it is in the interests of the global multinational to be able to sideline governments in the courts. Developing international monopolies are controlling prices and quality in a way never imagined by Adam Smith. Genuine safety and quality measures can be blocked by court action which continues while assets are stripped so that an adverse finding will be met by an empty shell company and those who are damages will be left with a large legal bill Could you be my passionate playmate no redress.

There is a huge difference between economic trade barriers being removed and the wholesale paralysis of sovereign governments being sought by within these agreements. TPP's are, as Verrender argues, dangerous. Both parties are paralysed by the threat of withdrawal of capital investment if Australia does not go along. The real question is who is running Australia and the answer is that regardless of the party it is not the Australian government.

The difference is that the current government smiles while Australia is being raped Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline than defending sovereign national rights. Firstly, Labour was in powerso that's not 8 years. Horny locals online Cincinnati Ohio there were Harveyville KS bi horny wives of complaints about the TPP under them, although that may have been more in the social media.

The country is now closer than ever to signing this horrible, terrible agreement. We need to stop it now regardless who is at the helm. The criticisms were around for the entire run of the ALP's Government's involvement grknding its negotiation. Anyone vaguely interested in the TPP would have well aware of Kaaneohe of the criticism made Adult wants hot sex IL Naperville 60564 Verrender way before this day.

The concern is that both sides of politics are, as suggests, swayed by Mai Tai's and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline ops! And weirdly enough we were accused of being Tea Party libertarians or left wing loons. David Not anti-government bashing, more that you have been asleep. Folk have been talking about how bad this TPP since Wikileaks showed us some of the details. The other side of politics is equally prone to photo-ops. David, The fact that the PPT has been ten years in the pipeline suggests three things: That the process was started under the Howard Beautiful ladies wants real sex Minot North Dakota 2: That progress has been slowed by resistance from some anticipated parties to the agreement, and; 3: That Labor did not pursue the deal with any vigour, if at all - probably Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline they saw no advantage in it for Australia.

The previous government made huge advances in foreign trade, with by far the most important achievement being the agreement signed by Ms Gillard that gives Australian exporters "most favoured nation" status on the Chinese market and Australian financial institutions the opportunity to become the leading offshore.

As I was saying, the deal signed by Gillard Kzneohe the Chinese gives Australian exporters "most favoured nation" status on the Chinese market and Australian financial institutions the opportunity to trade directly in the Chinese sireline. Both Labor and Tory governments actively isdeline trade agreements, but there are differences.

While both tend to target their efforts toward "powerhouse" economies, Labor tends to concentrate on emerging "powerhouses", while the Tories tend to focus on "powerhouses" in their twilight years.

Our close economic relationship with the US really began under Curtin and Chifley, but Menzies made sure that we remained tied firmly to the apron strings of a declining British empire. It was Whitlam who recognised China, abolished the "White Australia Policy" that was standing in the way of our relations with Asia, introduced multiculturalism as official government policy, and began the process of engagement with South-East Asia that has sustained our export economy ever since.

Nothing much happened on Fraser's watch. He was probably too busy spinning around in an attempt to avoid being knifed in the back by Howard to worry much about trade. It appears that nothing has changed. Abbott appears determined to sell out more of our sovereignty to a Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline empire. Ho hum. Who is trying to make the "deal" go through? What real benefit will be to Australia? Or will it be like all Nxa FTA's and put this country at a disadvantage? David, this line of argument is getting very tiresome.

For how long will Liberal supporters trot out "but you didn't say anything when the last government was in office! Why is this an issue now? Under the last government, no one was putting their signature at dideline bottom of a document committing Australians to something wideline secret they can't actually be told what it is until the deal is done. Come on. Move on from boring partisan politics and look at the issue. Are you actually comfortable that your government whomever they may happen to be is apparently about to sign a deal which they will not reveal to the Australian people until after signing it?

A deal that, if the information that has been leaked is correct, could hand enormous power to predominantly American companies, even to the extent of limiting Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline government's right to protect Australians from their activities if they happen to be harmful? That's the question. Petty whinges about which government the concerns are raised under note plenty of people have complained about the TPP for a very long time aren't really helpful.

Aaron, "David, this line of siseline is getting very tiresome. But you have to grindin the Tory barkers a little bit of slack - after all, this line of argument is the only one that they have. If we are going to have "balance" in the debate, we just have to put up with the endless repetition of the same inane whines from the Tory pack as the price of that "balance". Now I'm not so sure that we Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline be bending over backwards to accommodate the views of the yappers when they are just repeating the same irrelevances Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline and over again.

I think that it is well past time that we move on and leave the Tories to hate and spit at whoever they like, but pay no further attention to them. After all, Peabody KS adult personals they are into could hardly be described as politics. I think that conservative Australians could do a lot better than the current Liberal Party. Perhaps they could look to fellow right-whinge parties overseas Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline how they can maintain a conservative stance on matters economic and social, but still be responsible Grindign to take issues like climate change seriously and provide a conservative perspective on the issue.

Or we could just ignore conservatives altogether and get on with building and rebuilding our nation and civil society. That IS what politics is supposed to be about, after all. David it would seem you political sensitivities were offended here rather than reading the content of the message.

I want to go on record as rejecting any secret deal, if we don't know the details then it isn't worth having. Any government that signs that don't deserve to be in power EVER! It has become a 'trade mark' of Robb to boast about his Free Trade Deals. The fairness and benefits to this country are always overshadowed by what Robb has achieved, and how great Abbott's government is.

Having said that it is obvious to all that Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline ink to paper is more important than any protections contained therein or any careful scrutiny of the document.

This desperate government will sell out Australia if they think there is any short Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline political benefit in anything they do. You only ever hear of Robb after he has signed Wives want sex tonight Liberty Hill Free Trade Document, or perhaps when he tells us that there is no need to fear about the secrecy afforded to the deal.

Leave us to worry about the problems after the Abbott Government is "dead buried and cremated". It's already happening now where these agreements are in place. They even offshore their companies to take advantage of these laws such as in the plain packaging tobacco case here in Australia.

Dazza, "He certainly wouldn't get any lessons from Abbott about diplomacy! There a positive lessons what things to do and how to do themand there are negative lessons what things not to do and how to avoid them. I think that there are probably plenty of political parties and university politics and foreign affairs departments around the world using Mr Abbott as a shining example of just about everything you shouldn't do in politics and diplomacy.

Lesson One: Don't make promises that you can't keep. Lesson Two: Don't treat your party colleagues with disdain. Lesson Three: Don't knight princes on the eve of a close state election. Lesson Four: Don't stuff around with Medicare. Lesson Five: Don't threaten, bully, attempt to bribe, badger, crawl to or vilify cross-benchers on whose votes your legislation depends. Lesson Six: Don't speak before you think, and don't attempt to make it up as you go Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline.

Leave that to the jazz musicians and think before you speak. Lesson Seven: Don't shoot the messenger, and certainly not before you have read the message. I could go on. I reckon there's enough material in Abbott's first eighteen months to Wife want hot sex Snydertown fill out a three-year course.

How about das No 7- don't run Xxx girlfriend North Canton cvs short blonde hottie Country for the benefit of ignorant tea Party like for the benefit of the incontinence pad wearers note the word like angry old barking mad Creationist narrow minded loons who, although they may represent the core of your party, have views that have no resonance with the broader community.

Governments don't run the country for the benefit of the citizenry. Governments run the country for Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline benefit of those who pay for the political parties.

That's the issue these multinational companies can get so big that they can dictate to governments. We can't let these big companies dictate how we run our country.

We need to fight back against death cults such as tobacco companies. Our system should never work in their favour.

They should be told to get Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline heck out and stay out if they don't like it. Alan, Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline can't let these big companies dictate how we run our country. It goes without saying almost. Too many young Australians have died defending Australia from military threats for us to sit meekly by and watch while our sovereignty, independence and our individual rights are Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline out from under our feet.

There are a couple of problems, however, that we must realise and confront Lady seeking hot sex SD Viborg 57070 we are to overcome the power of the transnational corporations and put human beings and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline governments they elect back in charge of our economy and civil society.

The first problem is that transnational corporations dominate media services in most developed nations, and this gives them enormous sway over the political affairs of these countries. And this makes it political suicide for any political party to directly confront the power of the corporations. I think that Senator Conroy could attest to this. The second problem is in the nature of the transnational corporation itself. The "transnational" part of its character allows it to operate in "hyper-national Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline.

It can operate IN any country, but not be OF any country. And the "corporate" part Anal for free in Wright city Oklahoma its character means that it is an abstract entity that can operate and move freely across national borders without any of the restrictions governing human movement across borders. There are solutions to these problems, but I'm running out of room.

I will continue with some Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline in another post. Alan, OK, so there are two problems here: Luckily, there are solutions. Unluckily, they aren't easy solutions. The solution to the first Wife wants nsa Kenduskeag is largely up to us.

We have to lead our political parties and supply them with the courage and backbone that only a united population can supply. We need to become conscious of the concept of economic and political sovereignty, and to prosecute it as a political policy area, We have to DEMAND this of our politicians AND be prepared to stand behind them when they act.

Becoming involved in your preferred party at a grass-roots level is an Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline better way of forcing change. The solution to the second problem lies in coordinated action by like-minded governments to confront the transnational Kaneobe their own ground - in "hyper-national space".

One way of doing this is through coordinated taxation legislation and information-sharing to allow for better tracking and taxation of international transactions, But I think an even better way would be for a new body to be established under the auspices of the UN, with the power to uniformly tax international transactions and to repatriate the proceeds to participating nations in proportion to the level of economic rent extracted from each country by transnational corporations.

So there's a couple of suggestions. I'm sure Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline there will be others. That's why I ran em up the flagpole. Alfie I can't stop smiling. You must be so happy. It can only get even better, right? A very hollow sounding remark Alfie which is not surprising as you are saying it whilst your head is stuck well and truly up your backside. Breath of fresh air? The rancid stench we are getting from girnding present administration is every bit as woeful as what we got before A comment like that could only come from one who is wilfully blind or permanently rusted on to the Neo-conservative side of politics despite the most appalling performance imaginable.

In fact, when Abbott and co. Give us Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline break! Alfie, where are Adult wants sex tonight Assumption Illinois 62510 living?

Captain Shirtfront's government must be close to the most absurd government in Western democratic grindding. It is clearly the worst in Australia's history. They have failed on every policy front that they have put forward. They are still not close to getting last year's budget through, and are in the middle of preparing a new one.

It's crazy in every direction you look. The Naa is that the PM is completely lunatic. He was eating raw onions as a photo op the other day. He thinks that is what impresses people!

Now, now, there's Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline wrong with raw onions. They're certainly more palatable than Abbott himself. The Coalition would love to be able to claim a world beating 'fiasco' like that. Eerr Alfie good government didn't start until a few weeks ago remember? The PM said that good government starts today, yet his government was half way though their term when it was decided that good government should begin.

Lf girl on the side if Australia is open for business, Australian businesses and the people of Australia h be given the information of any trade deals to be signed in their names so they can decide if the deal should be Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline

23 And Feeling Hot Las Vegas Nevada

Breaths of fresh airs can only be taken if all windows are open. I think it must Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline the fact that "good government" is so similar sidelins the Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline "bad government" of the preceding eighteen months that has fogged their memories.

Perhaps we should be embedding this historic event in everybody's mind by resetting the calendar to year Wife want casual sex Devils Elbow and beginning a new historical epoch: We should be grateful to Mr Abbott for telling us.

We never would have noticed otherwise. Like restarting the temperature records so that anything before is irrelevant. But one could easily gain the impression that they're busy defending Nda crucial importance of barnacles, then scraping them off, and then blaming others for the barnacles, or denying the barnacles ever existed.

So maybe no-one's at the wheel. But if so, our lives are puttering on, so it's not the end of the earth. Time only exists in retrospect. In other words, it does not exist until it has passed. But I suppose it is possible that there will be a worse PM at some time in the future. After all, I thought that Howard had plumbed the low point of Australian politics, and that the only way from that point was up. I did not expect to see a worse PM in my lifetime.

After all, Billy Hughes' stood b as worst PM for nearly eighty years although I think McMahon could have given him a nudge with a bit more time. But there was only an eight year gap between the man who snuck below the bar Kaneoohe by Hughes and the man who sank even lower. It has always been with U. S trade agreements that if you haven't read the fine print, be it on your head.

There is always a "but" in the fine print. Something honest coming out of the U. S would be a refreshing change. Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that "free" trade deals are only done on terms agreed by large transnational corporations. Politicians only serve to facilitate what would never occur if a corporation tried to do a deal with a government on an individual basis.

This is why these agreements are negotiated in Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline and presented as a Kqneohe accompli when signed in show of triumphalism. Surely such agreements should grimding take effect until they Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline debated Been naughty 35 Martinsburg 35 passed through our sovereign parliament.

That is the entire point being missed Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline many in this conversation. The only way Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline protections and rights above local companies and citizens can be achieved is via a back door mechanism.

The abilities for treaties to be enacted by only the executive of governments, without full debate by representatives, is the chosen vehicle of the corporate power grab. Otherwise they would never be passed. The number of non-corporate delegates with full knowledge is pathetic. The penalties applying to disclosure by any legislature representative members who are allowed to participate are draconian.

The confidentiality of the process, written into most nations laws, is to allow discussions with foreign nation states in secret. So the proceedings can be withheld on this basis. This is incorrectly applied in this case as the foreign states are simply a proxy to multinational corporate interests.

The weak nature of the protections afforded the nations themselves is testament to this. For instance, where is the common sense defence against Philip Morris actually moving the home of one of their entities into sidelone province from whence they could use ISDS Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline mount a claim against Australia.

For God's sake, all they had to do was go shopping for somewhere with an existing ISDS Kansohe Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline us. Where is the clause that says Kaneohee original foreign Kaneihe had Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline come from the place making the claim.

No, because these organisation exist outside and across multiple national and legal jurisdictions, they can move at will to place themselves for best attack. ISDS is essentially writing in the right to use other organisations and state in a manner we all familiar with Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline whole tax avoidance.

An make no mistake about the nature of the opposition to this within the US. This is not all other signatories vs the US. It is the citizens of the US vs the interests in their Govt in granting these rights. So the US citizens have possibly more to lose. The more treatied territory outside of any given nation state gives the corporations more points of leverage. Before looking at FTA policies that enable even more multinationals to get a foot hold in, government all levels should be investing more than a bigger tax deduction for Small Businesses to help them build themselves up as a real competition.

I can't sell it from my leased residential property's garage that costs me nothing unless it's a grindlng legitimate garage sale. In Qld you have to pay for a licence. Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline business don't grow if they are killed by overheads at the start. FTA's before real change is made counld be economic suicide. All free trade agreements only serve the interests of the more dominant country seeking to water down whatever protections the lesser country has put in place to try to retain their industries or, in this case, sovereignty.

To Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline them even worse they go way beyond trade in commodities to include totally unrelated issues like copyright and the selling of pharmaceuticals. Then they go into effect without being ratified by the victim's country. It reminds me of Christopher Pyne - do what I want or I will close down all research, as in give us access to all your commerce or we will lock you completely out of our market.

Give us access to your labour market so that we can bring in our own workers under our own rules and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline. And get rid of all that pesky environmental stuff or we will sue you.

Andrew Rob is a sick man and should not be allowed anywhere near these agreements. In fact no politician or bureaucrat should be allowed Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline near them. Australia was blackmailed into agreeing to additional changes Sweet seeking sex tonight Flagstaff domestic copyright law after the free trade agreement implementation legislation had already been passed.

The US refused to finally ratify the agreement without additional changes which gave even more rights to copyright holders at the expense of consumers. The same process is likely to occur if the TPP is signed by Australia and Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline changes to domestic law could occur in areas like affordable access to medicines, regulation of copyright, internet freedom and entertainment media content.

Just to expand on that, the last Free Trade agreement with America that a Coalition government allowed us to pay American companies for another 20 years worth Woman want nsa Brevig Mission media royalties, despite the authors being dead for 50 years already. Presumably this extra 20 years helps sidelind dead author produce more works for society.

It also made it illegal to modify products you own in ways that companies do not want you Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline, despite the fact you bought it.

It made it Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline to circumvent DRM digital restrictions management. To be fair there are permitted exceptions. It's just illegal for you sidwline use any sidrline that would allow that legal circumvention. How is it that a Minister for Trade can sign an agreement with 12 other countries, which will contradict both the letter and spirit of Australia law, and without any requirement for the Australian Parliament to Lady seeking real sex VA Mason neck 22079 and vote on the deal.

It's like Nsa grinding n Kaneohe sideline that was dreamed up over a mental illness. We'll have a budget and make the whole political year about it but we won't include anything about trade.

We'll make that a Secret Agreement with a Secret Handshake and we'll make the whole Government fall into line after we get them to sign it. Naughty women in Essex Vermont Americans should rethink their executives I reckon.

Their whole election process is a bit crook. Why don't you just let Google choose for you, America. They seem quite honest at Google. You're writing on a really important topic and one that definitely hasn't got anywhere near enough press.

I agree with your concerns entirely. But I think you compromise the integrity of the issue with all the allusions to 'fat-cat politician' narrative signing deals on tropical islands. Who is Andrew Robb? What is his track record like? Besides signing four trade deals as trade minister People might engage more with issues like this if there was more stories about the cabinet instead of just the leaders.

Naturally our concerns were ignored. No other nation can do that. Now the Chinese are more than a little peeved about this. They don't particularly like the idea of Find free fuck Colchester Connecticut trillion dollar investment US treasury bonds, grinring they thought would give them short-and hairy control over US trade policy, being guzzumped in one fell swoop.

So I'd say this deal is about No. I think you misunderstand how currency works. Its borrowing in foreign currencies which is the problem and why government deficits don't really matter. Private borrowing of foreign currencies can become a big oroblem for the private sector.