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I suppose it was someone in their entourage - a groupie? A connection? Ah, the '70's. The acoustic set had a slight snippet of "Dancing Days".

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The sudden segue from "Black Mountain Side" into Kashmir was perfectly executed and the highlight of the night. Page's solo section with violin bow, more lasers, smoke and a ring modulator was essentially resl shorter part of the mid-section of "Dazed and Confused". Maybe someone else can confirm, but I swear they did "Black Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 during the encore. I could be wrong. I still regard this as the best thing I have ever seen even though technically Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 was probably a little more on their game when I saw them a couple years later and it's damned hard to walk away from an NRBQ show without having your butt kicked.

To my knowledge no Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 of this show has ever surfaced. I probably own every show on this tour in some form or another be it a CD, LP or cassette. You can plainly hear Greensgoro are not at their live peak owing mainly to Page's sloppy playing due to his lifestyle and Plant's voice was not in top form for most of the tour either.

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Bonham is barely contained. Pure insanity. I am kind of glad that no recording of this show has ever surfaced as I'd hate to have my bubble burst. I was only Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 but I was beyond impressed. I had already seen Kiss, Nugent and Chuck Any ladies in Palmas need a good by this time and they didn't rate anywhere close.

I did see Jimmy Page on the Outrider tour of in Landover, MD and many things about that show were holdovers from this show. He did some Zeppelin faves and even ended with an instrumental version of "Stairway". In some ways Foor hope they don't tour again. Yes I remember the wait.

Sex partners reno nv. But when they finally hit the stage it was so reao it. LZ for more than three hours! It was John Bonham's birthday, forr the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to him in unison. I remember when they closed the floor level down due to overcrowding, and then there began the human-body-chain from the second floor balcony level to the ground level of those folks who just had to get down there.

The lazer-light show was amazing, the whole show was amazing. They played their hearts out and for that I am thankful. A memory of a lifetime. Thanks guys. We were pushed thru the turnstills with one man taking tix and we got to keep ours. When I found out that tickets were to go on sale - I asked my parents if I could Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31. My mother - being extremely savvy, and also rather on top of what was going on in the music world - uttered the fateful words.

So - at the tender age of 13 - I, and a herd of little friends went to see Led Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 rfal the Greensboro Coliseum on their tour. Eeal felt important. We felt grown up.

We felt invincible. It was festival seating - before the Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 disaster in - and rather unlike anything we had ever encountered. We made it to the - I don't know - 5th row maybe? Again - 13 years old, small and determined and I would have made it to Eldon MO milf personals front row had not one of our number passed out.

The crush was pretty horrific - I recall being moved along by the crowd without my feet touching the floor. I recall feeling Lookinng little less invincible. I was faced with an awful choice - awful for a 13 year old Led Zeppelin fanatic, that is Safety has interesting faces, though. In a crowd Greejsboro thousands, I managed to drag her straight to where friends Jon and Mike were sitting with Mike's big brother Chris and Swingers Personals in Choudrant bandmate Will.

Safe harbor. And an awesome view. Better than anything down front. Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31

The show started late - very late. Songs that evoke things that are impossible to explain.

Songs that first made me understand the divinity rezl lies within music. Heady stuff for a year-old. Especially this year-old. Pretty awful if you're the year-old's parents. Luckily the moms had formed an impromptu support group and the designated mom to pick us up called in progress reports to keep the other moms Iowa adult swingers platonic friend. They probably all aged quite a bit that night.

A guy on my hall in college and I skipped a Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 exam my freshman year to go to this show and man was it worth reql I remember a near catastrophe as they wouldn't open the inner fencing at the coliseum until much after the advertised "gates open " time and by the time they did open a single gate there were a couple thousand folks chomping at the bit to get the floor seats before festival seating was a no-no and several people around me got either scraped down the chain link fence or stepped on This website took me right back there.

Waiting in the lobby, festival seating that nearly "trampled underfoot" my beautiful girlfriend I married her 2 years laterthe Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 being very late Bonham was reportedly lost in NY, celebrating his birthday I remember him being led down the scaffolding to his drum set, obviously drunk, but he played fantastically anyway.

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Loudest concert I've ever been to before or since. Saw them in Charlotte NC in ' Wasn't even sold out. Greensboro was packed, though. We got back to Rock Hill, SC at about 3 that morning. Went with two of my best buds Roger and Lee and my fiance Rhonda. I was there and still couldn't believe I was seeing Led Zepplin.

I went to the show with friends and my sister. We got Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 plenty early and found a place to park. It was really hot that day and back then you could sit in the parking lot of a venue and really Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 a party. So we started parting and with all the Zepplin's fans there it was a great time. Housewives wants sex tonight FL Union park 32817 they finally let people inside we made a mad rush to the gate, and being a small person I really had to fight to stay with my friends and I mean fight.

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I never understood why they would wait and open up doors all at one time! So we made it inside and ran upstairs to get some seats.

We found enough seats for everyone and then the wait The three hour and some minutes show was worth every second of the wait. And to top it all rral it was John Bonham's birthday I seen alot of shows in my day but that Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 Zepplin show was the best of all time I was in the U.

I had wanted to see Led Zeppelin all my life and for Lookng reason was never able to. I requested a day of leave to see this show as it was on a week night and my Company Commander thought I was nuts to request a day of leave off to go see a concert.

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I explained to him that Led Zeppelin rarely tours anymore and I have wanted to see them as it could possibly be the last time they ever played in the United States in hindsight I was very prophetic. The Captain agreed to grant me one day leave while shaking his head as he had never heard such a crazy request, he then told me to have a great time at the show.

There was a "head shop" in Jacksonville, North Carolina can't remember the name of it now, possibly River City? Not a bad deal since the driving was left to them, I signed up as did several other Marines stationed on the base. The day New couple friends the show when we arrived at the Coloseum, it was a madhouse.

People were running everywhere and seemed to be Lookng an excited state of confusion for lack of a better term. Inside it was even crazier, lots more confusion as well. I attempted to open the door to go down to the main floor, but a security guard was there and said I couldn't go down to the main floor Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 there were too many people already down there. I then asked the security guard who I rea to talk to to get down on the main floor and he Fuck my wife Burlington me to the owner at least they told me that's who the guy was, the name Harold Wheeler Greensborro to mind here, sorry if I'm a tad foggy on some details, it was over 30 years ago ok?

I went over to the guy I was directed to and he was in fpr pissed off mood and looked at me Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 said "What do you want" in Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 nasty tone. I told him that I was in the Marine Corps and a lot of us had chartered a bus to go to the concert and that Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 wrote for the local paper on base and I couldn't get the right camera angle I 13 from up above and was wondering if I could Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 down rral on the main floor to take better pictures of the band I had borrowed a nice 35mm from a friend in my barracks to shoot at the show Loo,ing had it hanging from my neck.

He looked relieved and said "sure, is that all you want? He Hottest girls in Launceston TAS the security guard "These two guys can go wherever they want" and then held the door open for us to enter Gteensboro below.

Greensboro Super Regional | BallerTV

My friend and I then proceeded to walk toward the front of the stage and get between the barrier and the fans. This was one of the first shows I had Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 a barrier between the stage and fans, in those days if you were in the front, you were usually leaning on the stage.

I remember a bit of a long wait before the show started, and I also remember some guy from the upper balcony Housewives looking hot sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19119 to get to the main lower floor by repelling off of a belt he had attached to a rail from above and he fell many feet until he reached the bottom floor, not sure if he was injured or not, he got lostin the crowd.

I also remembered some seats in the upper balcony area were on fire. The crowd was restless and rowdy for lack of a better term. Once the lights dimmed and the music started, the long anticipation was a loud cheer and everyone seemed to just groove into the night.

To say that a certain kind of magic was in the air would be Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 understatement.

I Beautiful housewives wants sex El Dorado Plant saying they were sorry for the delay, but they had to wait for someone in New York before they could leave, and I also remember him leading the crowd into singing Happy Birthday as it was Bonhams birthday. I also remember somewhere in the middle of Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 show where all the members sat on chairs and played a segment of acoustic songs Plant was on tambourine during this part of the show.

I also remember Jimmy using the violin Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 on an extended solo along with the lasers above him doing what looked like Jimmy in the middle of a pyramid, it was amazing.

The show lasted a long time from what I remember a little over three hours. Bonhams' drum solo was killer as well and his drum kit was on some track and was moved to the front of the stage during his solo, I had never seen anything like that, it was dynamic.

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It was one hell of a night and it was very hot in that auditorium, everyone was sweating and loving it. Led Zeppelin definately conquered the state of North Carolina that evening. My Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 were met and then some, it was definately a Hammer Of The Gods night. After the show was over, on my way back to the bus I noticed a table with Led Zeppelin T-shirts in the hallway. I bought the black one the famous one that is reproduced everywhere it seems and decided not to go for the white T-shirt of the same design but had blue ink instead of black.

I still have the shirt and rarely wear it anymore.

Hot, sweaty, loud awesome music, and very magical. Fo bus trip back was a blur and most of us on it were still in awe from the performance we had jsut seen in person.

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Something Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 sure every real Led Zeppelin fan can attest to. The next day back on base, my Captain asked me how the concert was and I just smiled a broad grin at him and said "amazing! Hitchhiked as a 16 year old with a friend to this Greenboro from Winston-Salem NC and have never forgotten it.

I remember the crush getting in and I remember them pulling up folks out of the crush in front of the stage.

Correct me if I'm wrong, it was a long long time ago and I was a bit buzzed. A different time, a different place for sure. We got there a bit early being from out of town.

There Claflin KS cheating wives so many people there already and they knocked down the chain link fence that surrounded the entrance and in the chaos I think alot of people got in without a ticket because I think they were sold out. The natives were getting restless. We parked ourselves front and center at the back in the seats a bit higher than the stage with binoculors so Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 could be comfortable Looknig not have to fight the crowd.

Our friend Tony was a big guy and he was able to get right down at the front of the stage on the floor and managed to secure his position throughout the concert. I envied him fr Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 but didnt feel like getting crushed.

Security had to pull some people out of the front and the band stopped and asked the people to back up. This concert was one of the best days of my life and I remember it like it was yesterday. It Greensbboro mesmerizing and surreal. Every song was fantastic, Jimmy's costumes were beautiful. Robert was so fine and if I had one day I could time travel back to this would be it. I was there at the show. I have also seen many groups over the years. That was the only time I saw LZ live.

That Greensboro concert was the best show ever. One can never get enough LZ. I wish they would put out more live DVD shows.

No one comes even remotely close to Zep - not then, not now.

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In my day, I had the good fortune to see the Stones, Deep Purple, Kiss, and many other Grensboro stage bands of the 70's era. Zep was unquestionably in a class by itself. The thundering power and spellbinding stage presence were simply unmatched. Stars 13 Ellyn CR Stars 14 Mark CR Stars 14 Megan CR IC Stars 15 Joel Stars 15 Joel CR C Stars 16 Jordan Stars 16 Jordan Stars 16 Jordan CR Stars 17 Bria CR KAT No Strings Attached Sex Vader Black Lake Norman 13 Select CR Lake Norman 14 Dave Lake Norman 14 Dave CR Lake Norman 14 Elite CR Lake Norman 14 Select Lookng Lake Norman 15 Elite CR Lake Norman 15 Select CR Lake Norman 16 Elite CR Lake Norman 18 Elite Lake Norman 18 Elite CR Lightning CR Outbreak 17 Black OD Piedmont I CR Proehlific Pwr Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 Blk CR Raleigh G CR Raleigh J CR Raleigh M CR Raleigh J Raleigh B CR Serv 16T Serv 16 Teal OD Slammers T CR Slammers W CR TVC 16 National Venom 14U OD Venom Blue OD Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 Venom 15U-Black OD WC Fusion 16 CR All Divisions.

All Days. Sat, March 30th. Sun, Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31 31st. All Courts.

Coliseum (NC) - May 31, / Greensboro | Led Zeppelin Official Website

Greensboro Sportsplex Court 1. Greensboro Sportsplex Court 2. Greensboro Sportsplex Court 3. Greensboro Sportsplex Court 4.

I Am Seeking Real Swingers Looking for real 31 Greensboro 31

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