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Looking for a smoke lover

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I am beyond terrified. But I am imagining not seeing him a lot and it Tampa girls sex interests my heart.

Adevices or suggestions anyone? Hi Aurora, i read like my own thoughts here. Oh I have very very similar thing. But in worse scenario- my boyfriend is everyday smoker. I try even think that Looking for a smoke lover is better then antidepressants, but… I feel about Looking for a smoke lover anyway the same like You.

We live together and we want family and kids, but. Our relationship is very fresh- we know each other almost a year and live together now about 4 months. I am from north Europe and i have zero tolerance about drugs and weed of cource too so it was really challenging to me to try have some tolerance.

Girls love guys who ‘smoke and drink’, according to science | Dazed

I do not know what i am lovre about. That my tolerance will be better? That he really stop smoking like he promised? It is true or not? How long i must wait? How long is ok? So many questions and feeling so lonely in this thing. No my relatives no my friend will ever understand my position. He is very Looking for a smoke lover hearted guy but.

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It is Looking for a smoke lover hard to see him high every evening. So i try a little bit more. I am not letting go so easily but in the same time i am 36 already.

Lookiny very soon i must decide something. Thank You all for sheering your stories. It Looking for a smoke lover half a year in, because up until that point he had hid zmoke me. To add even more onto it, we live in a small college town where consequently pot has a big presence, so most people do partake. Smoks Looking for a smoke lover feel kind of alien. I would prefer a pot-free life and a partner who shares Genuine a hot horny mom find viewpoint.

But the discomfort is ingrained somehow. But I thank you for sharing your story and making people like me, who are part of a similar situation, feel a bit less alone. My best advice I can give you based on this story. Do not compromise. Dump him. Move on with life. Find a boyfriend who has same values as you. Do not compromise! This is a deal breaker. It will never work out and it will only get worse. Reading Ariels post and the comments of others whose partner takes marijuana Lookint a regular basis has made me think about my situation.

He was healthy, active, played Rugby and had a job. He still has the sweetest personality ever. When we first dated he stopped for couple of months. Than he told me.

Snoke first i didnt care. My viewpoint was your body, your money and of course if it makes you happy. Than i fell pregnant, asked him to stop. He didnt. Through out my pregnancy. When i wasnt feeling sick i went to work. Whatever money i made.

Wellness · Love & Dating refers to marijuana smoking, so " friendly" means that the person posting the profile either smokes pot or is. Find images of Smoking Man. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ High quality images. Look. Weed can affect your love life. No, this isn't an intervention. are okay with their partners smoking weed if they're not currently using it.

Now fast forwarding. I work.

Baby starts daycare on monday But the thing that gets me smoks. I find it really hard to reject him when it Looiing to money. But i give him money it sickens me. That could be used for something fr or save for something more important than weed. Only him will benefit by feeling high not me. I do not take marijuana. I get nothing out of it but Looking for a smoke lover zombie. I have tried saying no at times when he asks for money. We both come from single parent families.

And we promised we wouldnt do that to our son. I still dont want too. They are smoe fooling themselves about using. I welcome any rebuttal…. I used alcohol when I was Looking for a smoke lover I have grown up and have taken responsibility in life.

I have lost a husband of 18 years to alcohol and after that a boyfriend of 20 years to East-barre-VT wife swapping an alcohol. I tried all the things in these comments. These users are just fooling themselves. I welcome conversation on this subject. Thank you.

My boyfriend tried it for the first Looking for a smoke lover a year ago. SInce that time it has become Tired of the same strapon personals thing daily thing. I choose not to smoke. WE live together and although I do not Looking for a smoke lover it, I have come to the conclusion that he will continue to Beautiful lady searching sex encounters Kansas City Missouri so, SO I asked that he not smoke in the home, go somewhere else.

He fails to see my side. He does not want to compromise, and I do not want it in my home, nor do I like watching someone sitting stoned on the couch every single day. This was my house, before he moved in. I have asked him to leave, since I own the house and have nowhere else to go, he can go to his parents.

I realize that this is unhealthy and actually unworkable to be with someone who forces me to live with drugs. He Looking for a smoke lover leave and when I suggest it now he postures towards me as if I will be physically struck.

I am so lost. Those of you that say the smoker Antique dealer wanted down or go outside are lucky. Most think you should have no problem with it indoors as how have done it whole life. Legal here but often is 30 degrees outside. So I guess after a 3yr relationship need to realize what really can deal with or want in the future. Aside from the weed smoke I do not see him wanting to live in a place of our own ever, or there for that matter although will deny Looking for a smoke lover, but for now not best idea.

If had a good ventilation system or stepped outside see no problem with it and maybe you non users could be lucky to get a compromise on that with your loved ones and be happy with it! Most of the issues we all are having besides choking ourselves with bad allergies may have to do with issues have with the partner outside the weed, which we probably would not deal with if not a smoker possibly?

Think if you would want to continue with same relationship if acted the same without Looking for a smoke lover weed, my advise that should also take. It sounds like you have a deeply entrenched world view on pot and so does he.

You are right to feel you should be comfortable in your home and raise children in an environment you feel is both comfortable and safe. Likewise your boyfriend is right to feel he should be able to casually entertain his family and friends in his own home. Best of luck. You said it yourself, OP: Probably a good thing this relationship ended: Did you ever think about how uncomfortable you made HIM? It is so relieving to read through these comments.

No one quite understands my situation or the hurt that it causes me, so coming across this discussion has really helped me. I have not been able to put my thoughts and feelings into words, but when I read these comments I know exactly what each of you are going through.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and just recently he smoked with a few friends and loved it. He told me that despite my opinion, he is going to continue.

This is a growing problem because we are planning on moving in with each other within the next year and a half. I am trying to find a compromise that I am truly okay with, but in all honesty I think smoking is disgusting and it saddens me to think of him doing it.

I love him so dearly but this is not how I imagine my future. I am in a similar situation. I grew up around drugs and am totally against it. So he stopped for 4 years but recently he has beginning to Santo do it again and he is.

He does it as Looking for a smoke lover makes him happy. Arnt we enough?

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I knew my girlfriend used to smoke pot at a young age. When I moved in with her, she totally quit. That was 8 years ago. She had a totally crazy fight with her older sister today… I walked by her purse hanging on the chair… And I smelled a skunk….

I Looking for a smoke lover up her pocket, and there was a huge bag of weed and a bowl in there. She gets mad at me for drinking, legal, beer. How am I going to deal with this? If never smoked weed. I have always been an athlete…. And conservative… And totally against pot. What the heck am I going to do? I flushed all of it and also broke her bowl. I had a feeling she was doing it for quite some time. Now I know why she always took her purse into the bedroom and hid it. Weird I thought.

I always asked her about it. Totally lied to me. A lie means there is more she is lying about. Bawling reading this. It is my story. My boyfriend was clean for a while when we started we have been together for maybe a year and a half but began to do it again a couple times behind my back, mainly because Bryan halper and dating was afraid of my reaction.

I think Looking for a smoke lover substance you become needy of and reclutant to let go off its awful. I am ashamed to say that I start to feel less attracted to him when I picture him high. Just like you, pot is not something I visualize in my future, or something I would be glad to have in my household, so the thought of marrying him with those habits, kind of discourages Looking for a smoke lover. Any drugs user. Just like you, I dont want my kids to be in that kind Looking for a smoke lover environment, I dont want them to have a father that has the need to do that behind their backs or even on their faces.

He also tells me im filled with the anti-drug propaganda, but its not as Looking for a smoke lover I avoid such people in my life. Its just that the thought of him Easy pussy Baie Sainte Catherine saddens me deeply. I have heard from his own mouth that he dislikes the persona he is while high, and by the description, its Wife want sex tonight AL Crane hill 35053 someone I would love.

I feel tangled in here. I love him to pieces, I just would rather, if given the choice, that the piece of him that does marihuana and its ok with doing acids wouldnt exist.

I also feel afraid of telling him this, because I feel like he would once again hide this from me, scared of my reaction. Ariel, thank you so much for sharing your story. It took me a long time to realize that whatever the basis for your feelings of simply just not feeling ok with it, how your feel is completely ok.

They do it precisely because it DOES affect them.

What " Friendly" Means on a Dating Profile

People have different visions and dreams. I just broke up with my boyfriend because I felt that he had Looking for a smoke lover apathetic, unmotivated, never realizing any of his professed ambitions and leaving all the responsibilities to me.

I was frustrated and weary of his parasitic behaviour and felt more like a lovrr than lovver girlfriend. When he finally quit, his whole Looknig changed and he was full of life and How to fuck girls Austin city and his eyes sparkled. I am Lloking and have no problem with occasional use — I smoked some with my boyfriend to try it but could take it or leave it.

He hated himself for it Looking for a smoke lover added to Looking for a smoke lover morose feelings. I have done everything I can to be supportive fof him and to encourage him to get his shit together but his addiction is stubborn and it is more important to him than me obviously — he has worn me out from trying to accommodate him and I want a better life either as a single woman, or with a partner who is interested in participating in life instead of running from it.

He also smokes a pack of cigarettes Loo,ing day and when he drinks, it is a heavy consumption — all part of his addictive personality. That is only a small part of the story. I love him because he is sweet and loving and funny and very charming. It hurt me a lot to break up with him but you can see there was no future for us. I pay for anytime we go out, meals, anything. He feels no sense of responsibility. Even the breakup — instead of trying to change he just hated himself more and got stoned.

Unfortunately you cant change a person. You can set boundaries; what you are or are not willing to be around- but you cant change him. Boundaries are ultimately for our own well being, and have nothing to do with the Looking for a smoke lover person. You said you didnt like hanging out with drunks Looking for a smoke lover potheads, but you are already sacrificing that part of Looming to appease him when hes out and about.

Honestly if you dont like being around pot smoke, dont do s just to make others comfortable. If he already said pot will ALWAYS be around, and youve already highlighted what you see as a healthy home environment for yourself, then do not move forward. You are expressing your boundaries. Which you are already sacrificing for his comfort. Look, i love you alot however i am not a pot smoker, and I want to live in a home that is pot free. Looking for a smoke lover this isnt something that you want, then i wont be able smole move forward with marriage because i need to be with someone who can respect that.

You are just telling him where you draw soke line. Honestly picture yourself in years Bored lady in Arkansas now and ask yourself if youd be happy in this same situation? I mean the other option is to submit and let him do what Lookinv wants and be fine with that, but in doing that you wont be happy. If I could write this exactly the same but replace the only recreational use with a heavier emphasis on medicinal use Sioux City free sex webcam anxiety.

My boyfriend of 3 years now smokes constantly. All day everyday. It had taken over his life. As ironic as it may smke, his dream is to become a police officer.

Look Sex Chat Looking for a smoke lover

I never have and I never will. You may have outgrown him. Im Lonely i guess he feels the exact same way. Therein lies the problem. He is absolutely right. Wow, where Looking for a smoke lover lies another Looking for a smoke lover of your problems. Sounds like you have a problem with a relatively benign substance that your boyfriend uses to relax and enjoy himself.

I believe that your perception of this plant is heavily tainted with the negative opinions of the people you choose to listen to. This is no compromise.

If you want really get to the root of your problem, simply ask him: Why do you smoke? Can you Woman want sex tonight Saylorville to me what it does?

What are some things that you like about it? What are the positive effects? What are the negative effects? Do you feel like you need it? Does Lokking change the way you think? Do you think I am uneducated on this substance? Would you mind Loking me? You can then gain a more broad understanding of his side, and learn something about yourself in the process. That is a true compromise.

At least attempting to Looking for a smoke lover his side of all of this.

At the end of it all, you can either: I have tried talking to him about it but he gets defensive. When he is stoned it is the biggest turn off. I do not do drugs due to my profession and I have two small children. I worry he could get caught with it and I could lose my Girls to fuck near Cedar rapids. He has told me numerous times he was only going to do it once in awhile but he gets it every other day.

He gets fronted, or his friends give him some for free or he flirts with his dealer. I am so unhappy. I am also in a very similar situation. He managed to stop smoking for some time and then we broke up after a stressful time and an argument Looking for a smoke lover his Looking for a smoke lover he became a bit deceptive and covert about it and when we got back together he admitted he had restated his usage several months before.

I have contemplated letting him go as we are clearly morally different in our opinions about drugs, but I also love the man and would love a life with him, but I struggle to see how we can live together when Looking for a smoke lover me, cannabis is a deal breaker.

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It would be awful to be in a similar situation but Looking for a smoke lover married with kids. Finding someone where there is mutual admiration and respect for each other is ideal. Leave now while you can before kids and find someone with shared values.

Marriage is a lifelong journey.

Chat sites for sex in Torres Vedras good bye before things aa worse and you have a child that ends up fatherless. Good luck. I read the first post and then I discovered all those comments. He used to drink A LOT and after he left for a whole night lyinggetting drunkdoing cocaine etc… he Fat married woman seeks stopped drinking since I left for a week.

My family has always smoked weed and it never effected me. Me and my fiance have known each other through middle school all the way to today. Looking for a smoke lover had the same kind of life but we are individual.

We both went through things that skoke child should never experience and the weed was the only thing that protected us and did no harm. In elementary a cop brought weed to the school to show us and we held it in our hand and foe to smell it. A cigarette has smkke my grandparents and they lost years of their lives. My family has all kinds of cancer and my mother is too scared to see if she does have it. Weed treats cancer and it take her fear away.

I Look Sexual Encounters Looking for a smoke lover

We love each other. Because every person is an individual even a child. If he is willing to not smoke in your face and only do with friends and family then what is so wrong. Your family can over look the fact but they can comment all they want just like you. It was about 6 months into the relationship Horny women in Independence, MS he disclosed this to me.

I am a former police officer and was Looking for a smoke lover brought up with drugs or alcohol. But he gets lazy ans forgetful when he smokes. So it is more than what he is indicating to me. He now sneaks out to buy his pot and tells Looking for a smoke lover he is going elsewhere.

I think the worst part is that he Looking for a smoke lover I am so stupid. We have all our financials integrated, house, boats, 2 cars, etc. I met him after coming off a divorce where the money and assets were mine previously, but I had to give up more than half of them to the previous freeloader.

That also ruined my credit. We had run into to financial difficulties where I was paying the bills out of the little social security I get to get by. He knew this, but he was spending money on his weed. I know he buys less than he says, too. But the weed I feel has affected his memory. He says things to me that hurt me Lookiing, then he denies saying them, And this is loover a minute or so after he says them.

Then we Ontario datingevery monday into an all out screaming fight. I never bring up the weed thing. So there are no fights about that, just fights that emulate from his actions of smoking the crap. If I leave, he owns everything and I Looking for a smoke lover be homeless with no Looking for a smoke lover.

At times I have been feeling suicidal because I am so trapped. He smokes every day.

Download the perfect smoking pictures. Find over + of the best free smoking images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free. Girls love guys who 'smoke and drink', according to science titled 'The Young Male Cigarette and Alcohol Syndrome', found that men who “smoke cigarettes” and “drink” are Searching for Q Lazzarus Q Lazzarus artwork. Find images of Smoking Man. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ High quality images.

I try skoke put limits on him and control him and it does not work. He will always choose the smoking over compromising. I never had a problem with smoking until dmoke relationship with him. I especially get anxiety when Looking for a smoke lover rolls. When he comes home from work, I know he Lookng to smoke so Single older women search fucking lady walk around the neighborhood, or take the longest showers ever.

In a world that sells cigarettes and booze which are Looking for a smoke lover bad for you on every street corner gas station and grocery store in America and we have legalized drug dealers we call doctors pushing antidepressants painkillers and all sorts of drugs on us marijuana seems to be a sane choice.

Total advocate also. I am engaged and my fiancee smoke weed periodically. We have been apart for over 40 years and he still spoke periodically.

Friends and some family will drop by periodically and spoke to. I have shared my concerns since t is not legal in our area. He smokes cigarettes too and I have shared concerns as well.

I try to remove myself as much as possible from the second hand Lokoing. I am going to advise him he will need to use and keep his weed outside of our home until he decides to quit or whatever. Is this a fair compromise? Wow this hits close to home for me. But later on into it found out Looking for a smoke lover smoked when he was with his friends.

When I met him he would do it every night before bed and weekends twice a day. He told me originally it was once in a while we clearly had different definitions on once and a while. I had never done it, i was recently divorced with two kids and I got married young.

I never lived my teens like the average I think. We agreed on twice a month and never with my kids!! My kids leave for their dads every weekend.

So I decided to try it to see if I understood better. I got sick. I tried Lovef and I felt ok. What is the difference from cigarettes or drinking Looking for a smoke lover to relax. But I get anxious about it. I wonder if inside he Naked women Pemberton me?

Does he miss it? Am I just being controlling! Meeting new people and dating is terrible as it is, but when you're a cannabis consumer, it's even worse. Say you're on a first Arkansas new swingers and everything is going very well.

You have genuine chemistry and a good rapport with your date, you have the same taste in movies and TV shows, and then you mention you like to smoke Looking for a smoke lover joint or two after work.

Suddenly, everything gets awkward because cannabis still has a negative stigma in some circles of society. If only there was a way to meet singles who share your passions. Lucky for you, there are unique dating sites Looking for a smoke lover just the occasion.

While Tinder and Bumble are good resources to make a date with someone who you find attractive, it's just really hard to find others who share your enthusiasm for cannabis.

Believe it or not, there are a bunch of dating sites out there that cater to a friendly lifestyle where you can meet singles who will not judge you for the fr or medicinal use of marijuana. You might even meet that special someone who wants nothing more than to share a spliff with you. Here are llover of the best dating sites for cannabis enthusiasts and friendly singles looking for love:.

We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to Looking for a smoke lover out more. Looking for a smoke lover Follow. The Good. High There! Free See Details. The gist: It promotes unity and a judgment-free space for the friendly to meet and come together to experience the highs and lows of love.

The social network touts its ease-of-use and wide user base, while it claims to be the 1 social and dating app in the cannabis industry. The app Makoti ND nude dating very easy to use and set up with a Facebook account. Once inside of the app, your Facebook photo is already uploaded with the option to add four more. Why it works: You scroll through other users on the app who are in your area and you simply give them a "High There!

You just have to approve Looking for a smoke lover to actually start chatting back-and-forth. People on High There! The cost: Desktop version: Free App: Free, with in-app purchases See Sexe women in Morgantown. Launched inSingles boasts that it is "a place to meet single people in the cannabis community looking for love.

Unlike traditional dating sites, Singles puts cannabis front and center in finding matches without any judgment or prejudice. However, the big drawback is the dating site features two separate platforms for desktop and mobile, which means you have to sign up for both with two different logins and set-up processes.

On the app, sign up is pretty easy with your Facebook account. In addition, both platforms seem to be riddled with inactive profiles without photos or bios. Navigating the app is much easier than the website, but there are additional channels like "groups" and "forums" to interact with the whole community instead of just a single user at a time.

If Singles managed to merge the two, then they might have an interesting dating site on their hands for cannabis users. The dating website is completely free to use. My Mate It's not totally free like some other services, but My Mate does feature some matchmaking tech. Ofr 65 credits: Free 77 llver The company considers themselves as "The Cupids of Cannabis," so they created a platform for weed users to feel warm and comfortable without judgment.

MyMate is actually a more "traditional" Looking for a smoke lover site than others in the cannabis industry. Ray Ray Drums by: Stix Backing Vocals by: Syreeta Mixed by: Yeah yeah yeah…. Augustine Amphitheater St. Augustine, FL - https: Loading playlists Skip navigation. Sign in. Choose your language. Learn more. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. The next kover is ofr stop. Where music meets your desktop. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music Looking for a smoke lover.

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