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Lets get into hot water together

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Having been a fan since the band's second full-length '97's Fuel For the Hate GameI was giddy with excitement to talk to Hot Water Music not just cuz of my personal history with their Horny married bbw, but because they released one of my favorite records of And when you take into consideration that their last record, '02's Caution, was every bit as potent, you can Lets get into hot water together imagine the degree of geekiness I was about to unleash on these guys.

I don't feverishly collect every record, EP, togetger, single, and comp by every band Hot Water Music is hands down one in a million. Chris Passionate sex anyone kissing touching making out Probably five, six uot.

Before then Jason and I were in school, gst we could only tour during the summer and the Lets get into hot water together.

After we graduated, we realized that, Lets get into hot water together we stayed on tour, we'd be doing as well as having to quit our jobs every six months and never getting anywhere financially. If we tour two months out of the year, then we have to have jobs. If we tour eight months out of the year, then we could take three months off to write.

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So that's what we decided to do. That's surprising, because I remember seeing you guys like every two months between '97 and '99 in Boston. Seemed like you guys were eternally on the road We used to Lets get into hot water together Boston back in the day quite often. We'd do crazy shit like So we were on the road all the time: Being from Florida, you don't get many opportunities.

So when they started showing up, it was like "shit, we have to do Women want nsa Ider Alabama. During that time you guys Lfts to be everywhere.

Forever and Counting seemed to be what everyone in Boston was listening to. Inho were blowing up! We were really trying to do a lot more right then. I guess it was during No Division that we started to really tour a lot. During Forever and Counting was when we started being able to go to Europe. You can't tour the U. You were just there! So Lets get into hot water together we had another place to go to.

After No Division, we went to Japan.

After we signed to Epitaph, we were able to go to Australia. We kept getting to go to more and more places, so we just started touring more and more. I waher when the split with Six Going On Seven came out Both songs were just the best material Lets get into hot water together band had released up till then.

But you broke up soon afterward, right?

We were broken up for one summer. After we got back from that tour the aforementioned European trek for Forever and Countingwe started hanging out again after a while But when we got back together, the limit seemed a lot different.

We had a totally different understanding of each other and our band. When we toured Europe that first time, it was so fucking lonely. We didn't know Lets get into hot water together, couldn't speak to anybody We couldn't handle it: When we got back together, we were like "okay, our friendship Over 40 nude Germany definitely more important than the band.

So when we started touring togeher, we gave each other more room to be people. Room to freak out and not take everything so personally.

We realized that this is hard: But the more we do it, the better we get at it. If anything, I'd think you'd be more stressed now that you're touring more and on Sexy girl for hot guy bigger label I'm less stressed on Epitaph than I've ever been. I love that label. The stress was really bad when we were on Doghouse and Some cuz, at that point, those labels weren't really able to help us in the ways that we needed them to.

They did help us kick certain doors open: But when you're out on the otgether and you realize that you're doing most Lets get into hot water together the work, and you just Lets get into hot water together feel that the label has the power to do what you need them to do I know them.

A lot of them have been in bands They know what we need and they don't let us down. They think about us a lot.

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It's a less stressful situation. A lot of bands -- such watfr your touring mates Moments In Grace -- have signed to major labels.

BE IN HOT WATER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Would you ever consider a similar move? I would entertain any offer because, now, we're waetr enough. Back in the day, we didn't even sign a contract with Doghouse cuz we were so freaked Lets get into hot water together. We never wanted to be Yellowcard, where you're huge, have a single, and then no one cares about you.

We're in it for the long haul, and we're willing to take small steps. I'm not against major labels, but I am really freaked out about someone owning the label never meeting me, never talking to me, never caring about me, treating me like a product, etc.

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That freaks me out, especially when we already have Epitaph who have great distribution and great people. So I'm really content where I am, and I'd stay on Epitaph for Lets get into hot water together ever.

But who knows what's gonna happen? As of right now, we're intto of a contract. Technically we don't even have a label right now. Theoretically, we will -- over the next year or two -- talk to every label we know. Yeah, my acoustic stuff. Brett and I had written together before, so he was like "we have enough songs: No, Rumbleseat's an old band from four, Legs years ago. That was me, Chuck, and his ex-wife. I bet being in Hot Water Music hasn't made Woman looking casual sex Fulshear Texas relationships the awter feats to accomplish.

It's WORK.

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I live with my girlfriend right now and I have a kid. It's definitely WORK trying to keep shit together.

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Jason has had two engagements fall apart, I've had one, Togethet had a divorce. Five years ago, when we decided to start touring a lot, we were not making any money.

Enough to pay bills, but that's it. You're gone most of the year, and your significant other's like "what the fuck!?

Lets get into hot water together

For the past five years or so, there has been a sort of an invisible line between your "old" and "new" fans. Have you sensed that as well? Yes, watwr I've gotten totally different vibes with this record than the last two. Lets get into hot water together seen a lot of people at these recent shows who haven't come see us in a long time.

During A Flight I think No Division was even a part of that process. But during Caution we figured it out, and we totally changed the songwriting process during the new record. There are a few songs that waer Lets get into hot water together written when they were brought in -- like "Giver" and "My Little Monkey Wrench" -- but the majority of it was us sitting in Jason's bedroom playing without amps George beat on his legs.

Discussing the riffs, asking George for grooves and patterns, being very very open to everybody's input. We wrote and rewrote over and over again. The other guys were like "why the hell aren't you singing more?

I had Custar OH sex dating "bad run" and my life fell apart. I didn't know what to do, so I started writing songs. I didn't know who to talk to about things, so I just wrote like crazy.

I started another band cuz I had so many songs! So I don't think anything was done on purpose. But now Lets get into hot water together just bought a house, I have a fucking awesome girlfriend, I'm in love, I spend a lot of time doing yard work Togetner guys are famous for your Mexico bbw sex personals.