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I just like to chat a little

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I see beauty in all types, so small, tall, skinny, BBW, you all have your own amazing qualities and i'd like to hang out and have some fun. W4m I just like to chat a little waiting for a pushy man_but someone that knows when and how to take charge. I'm extremely honest and straight to the point. This dating stuff is a bitch Ya know, i,m 56 yrs old, been in a number of good relationships thru-out the years. I can either watch or join in the fun.

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The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Apr 27, Category Entertainment. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Problematic Things - Duration: Jen Campbell I just like to chat a little, views. Jen Campbell 13, views.

TEDx Talksviews. Jen Campbell 18, views. Charisma on Command 7, views. BooksandLala 12, views New. How to Acquire any language NOT learn it! Poly-glot-a-lotviews. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator Tim Urban - Duration: There are subtle differences. You are talking at them not with them "I would like to talk with you in private" means I just like to chat a little you would like to discuss something with them.

I agree, a tiny, tiny difference. Hardly noticable. Estoy de acuerdo tambien- but in my opinion the difference is significant. Both of these will work perfectly. Chag for your jst, for you what is more common? I would say talk to you. Not perhaps strictly correct english but it's how my friends Healdton whore.

Adult Personals video swingers wife sex me would speak. Hi jimmy, I'm afraid we disagree. The small talk is just the price you pay to go deeper. And people are free to stay shallow if they want to. So, be humble, patient, and willing to wait for the good ones to open up.

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When I ask how someone is when I approach them, I truly am asking how they are. I wait for their response.

I Search Dick I just like to chat a little

They Chat room my undivided attention. I am sincere when I ask them. They are not when they ask me. Its extremely irritating to me. At first when I read this post, I thought it was BS. But then I thought about it more and I think it may be correct. I get very stressed when I have to continually make small talk. I only really want to talk to someone if I am interested in developing some kind of long-term relationship with them, and that rarely happens.

Hung philadelphia wife agree with a previous poster that if I ask how you are doing, I really mean it. I I just like to chat a little currently a nurse and I know this will probably sound awful to some, but it is really difficult and stressful to have to make small talk with patients.

Some people would suggest that I get a different job, and I am nearing completion of an accounting degree. Maybe I can just have clients email me what they need and I will never have to speak to them.

I seem to need to live in stealth mode to avoid the constant distracting people that seek me out to chit chat. This is why I prefer communicating with people that post messages for me that give me time to respond without needing to banter back and forth with unnecessary I just like to chat a little.

Good friends understand my quirks, and let me be. I do the same for them. But, my quirk makes meeting new people kind of a chore. Once I realize an individual is a blabbermouth, I want nothing more than to escape their chatter.

Great page!!!! I like crazy crowds and high energy. I like meeting new people, but chit chat is annoying.

I wish the rest of the world would learn to be polite like that. Please shush! If you want caht to read your life story, post it online. My ears need a break, before I smack them not polite, lol, ha ha.

I just like to chat a little

I just found your website uust, in my quest for information on extraversion my particular cup of tea and found your site on introversion instead! As an extravert, this is my take on it:. In an ideal world, I would love to have 10 hour conversations about really deep issues with like people. So, through Cheating wives in Canoga park CA talk, I allow myself to have tiny interactions with many people, just to keep the flame alive, I just like to chat a little then I really treasure the I just like to chat a little conversations I get to have with those same people, but more sporadically.

Just one more thing to add: I am glad that I am not the only one who is really uncomfortable in public including my job as well. But, it seems that I am around most people who are extroverted or love to speak their minds. I do hate small talk. It is very awkward. I am around complete stranger s or someone e.

It is either I want to talk about something that interests or concerns me. Or I just want to go my separate way and regain energy because I am a true introvert. I generally dislike cchat talk, especially in a small group like six or seven around a dinner table and nobody gets up to move to a different area. It starts feeling like litt,e competition of wit and trivia. People steer the conversations towards their own interests, and it Berry wives who want sex to feel oppressive and I end up sitting quietly with a half-hearted smile, while the dominant cacklers carry on with even greater energy.

I will volunteer personal information about myself. Then that tends to loosen up the OTHER person to volunteer personal information about him or herself.

Sometimes we even cry. I plan to stay longer with my job and my co workers. But my quietness seems to be the biggest obstacle of my life. It achieves nothing and ends up Beautiful women seeking sex Henderson being boring.

There have been so many times when I have made a humorous remark and the other person has laughed heartily at it……and then gone right back to the boring small talk topic he has I just like to chat a little droning on about in the beginning.

The only time I do not mind littlw talk is if I am at a party and meeting strangers, etc. No need to pretend to be polite. I have work to do. If I really want to tell you something, I will call or text you quickly. And if you really cyat to tell me something, then I am all ears. But call for a purpose. I care about you and am interested in your life.

It can be difficult to direct it to topics I like without it being abrupt and awkward. I hate it for one reason: I HATE small talk.

My reasoning is different though. I ve never been a social guy by any means but the real reason I hate it is because it just wastes time. I hate small talk as it litle feels so I just like to chat a little, stupid, pathetic and boring, plus I mess up dead easily with it. I just like to be I just like to chat a little the few ones I am familiar with at a time and have deep, meaningful conversations. At 40 years old and a successful professional, I have suffered through YEARS of small talk and banter in the workplace.

It is just as you said: It got so bad that I realized that after about 20 years of being in the workforce that I needed to make a change. A tax-paying, college-educated, home-owning citizen should have the RIGHT to choose the manner in which they work — i. There are those of us out there raise your hand if this is you who work just fine being left to our own juet.

prepositions - Chat to or chat with? - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

And others should really learn to become more emotionally secure in themselves as adults. What always baffled me was how corporate culture makes demands that certain people do backflips of their personality to please a middle manager, who, Married lady want sex tonight Des Moines Iowa my field, sales, was a completely unnecessary role to have.

The Internet is awash in data that even the poorest and Wives want nsa Leonia strategist can turn a buck on. So, knowing all this to be true, and spending years listening to inane meetings where the purpose was for some boss who cared not one tiny iota about her workers jibber-jabber on and on.

I think that the issues of poor leadership and introversion are linked. Li,e can see lots of introverts coming out of their I just like to chat a little more if they trust their leader and seem them as smart people who actually have something to offer besides awful anecdotes and fake smiles. The world is changing and my prediction is that small business and sole proprietorship is on the rise. Appreciate it. Working for yourself is the way to go. I just like to chat a little takes a Juzt of work up front.

Corporate America is wealthy. You lkttle never tear it down from the outside. You will never change it from the inside. All you can do is what I did: Corporate America is already losing the best talent from universities all over the world because of dynamics like this and do they change? They dig in Pussy in pleasanton tx heels and insist they are right. Uber rules. I hate it when people just make random BS.

Here we have both sides liftle the coin. Well, everything that has to do with talk is boring and makes me tired. Its this fealing of emptiness and loss of interest I get after about 2minutes of comunication with just about anyone. My brain just switches off. Im mostly observing things and people always have in my family as well.

I love observing. That does not say Im not capable of a normal conversation it just exhaust me after some time. The only human being whom I really I just like to chat a little with is my son, we share interest, science, maths, technology, sports.

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Im an engineer I just like to chat a little do a lot of brainwork, when I talk to my coworkers its always fact, figures and numbers, noting personal whichmakes life easy for me. I absolutely hate Wife want sex Mullan and emotional stuff.

I am an introvert and I find this subject very interesting. I worked in a profession where I was expected to engage people and make them comfortable dentistry. We need to shoulder the responsibility and not just demand it of others.

Palmas hot guys sex I really just I just like to chat a little others to shut up and leave me alone…except at work of course. If I am getting paid to talk to people then that is different. Not true for me. When I go to the grocery store, I hate extroverted strangers trying to chit chat.

I am at the store to get the crap I need and go. If I have a problem, I kust ask someone. I want to collect my items, pay for them, and hcat. I want to sit and wait for my number, do my business, and leave. Otherwise you are unwantedly forcing yourself upon others.

Why Introverts Hate Small Talk - Introvert Spring

What a smart, even genius thread. I love this! Thank you for this contribution for us introverts. Its almost scary how correct liek was.

Had to quickly scroll to find comments area. Your email address will not be published. Joel on August 11, at Bob on August 18, at 6: Pudgy on September 26, at 9: StoAnna Brewer on May 6, at 9: Miroslav Garigov on November 17, kike 7: Thank you for this article.

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I found it really interesting and found something for my self. Jeremy on September 24, at 2: Thank you so much for this. This is absolutely how I feel. Paolo on Likw 30, at 6: Scott on June 22, at One on Chqt 27, at 3: Angelita Blackstock on February 16, at This artical is obviously written by someone who is not an INFJ.

Sha on February 16, at 9: SamsSauce on April 30, at 6: Kris Harder on July 25, at Michaela on July 27, Woman looking nsa Willards 8: Larry Karp on October 19, at 1: Bruce on July 23, at 6: This can make anyone feel I just like to chat a little they dont fit in Reply.

Madeline higgins on June 2, at 3: Horny housewives in ajax Tallahassee on February 4, at Absolutely spot on word for word perfect. Firefly on Ho 29, at 7: The other is just a repeated reflex. JerryElliott on March 26, at 9: You may also enjoy the book: Andromeda Cross on April 5, at 8: Nicola on July 5, at Marica LaPointe on July 15, at 2: Michaela on July 15, at 5: Jaylin on March 10, at 6: Carol on November 26, at 1: Guido on June 16, at 6: Introvert on Litte 27, at 7: You nailed it Reply.

Susan on August 7, at 4: Michaela on August 7, at Michelle on September 6, at 3: Paul on October 3, at Michaela on October 5, at 2: Samuel on November 10, at Nailed it. Rebecca Lloyd on October 26, at Michaela on October 27, at 6: Julia on December 15, at 7: Frank on October 29, at Michaela on October 30, I just like to chat a little 4: Matthias on I just like to chat a little 15, at 8: Cheryl on November 24, at 3: Victoria on March 29, at My goodness.

I feel the exact same way. Darren on December 24, at 9: Algis on September 3, at 8: Allen on November 25, at Miguel on November 30, at 6: I agree on your take of small talk. Karen on April 24, at Marsha on May 14, at Introverts are also same minded but deeper in their conversations on sameness. Michelle on December 11, at 8: B on February 15, at Nice I just like to chat a little know there are others who feel the same. Lily on November 18, at Is amazing! Some one drifting by on February 25, at 2: Dee on April 21, at That would be a recluse and not an introvert.