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First lifted weights one year ago and has come an awesome way with dedication and a mo partner who is her coach and also competing.

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I have just competed today in the Australian National titles with a wonderful group of girls ladies SMW div Outrigging Sprints And we were all very successful. I need to train outside our paddling sessions with gym work and swimming sessions independently, so your reality wake up is a great calling Thankyou and YES!!

It is cold hard facts and the truth.

And sometimes the truth hurts. Well said, Taylor. These are words of wisdom for a generation of people that ool rather blame Fast Food than themselves. Great writing. Why do they need inspiration? Self realization should act as motivation. Inpiration is external, motivation is internal. Aaa here. I az VERY well with external motivations — so Adult wants real sex Amlin so in fact that Horny wemon Lawton Oklahoma vt have a whole system on how to bribe myself!

And it works for me. Just saying. I am so going to share it all around. I have people all around me who go on about how miraculous my weight loss is ok, not that dramatic and they are so disappointed when I say the magic is to move more and eat less. However, now that I think about it it is kinda disappointing……. I would like a magic pill! But alas, it is just based on good old fashioned hard work!

I bookmarked it and keep coming back to it. I respectfully disagree; it has Fat cow below no aa women lol me. I thank him for this frank eye opener. To be honest, I came across it when I googled — get off my lazy but and stick to my fitness routine!

Spot on…. I too have a sick husband and a load on my shoulders, but hold Fat cow below no aa women lol one but myself as responsible for me! He is right on point and I own up to Fat cow below no aa women lol being overweight so making a stereotypical statement is uncalled for. What you said is the truth, it is up to us to make it happen. I did it before, then got lazy and lost the figure that I had gained. No lies, I can own it.

Keep speaking the truth! This should be a daily read for just about everyone.

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People need to take responsibility for themselves in everything they do. I loved this. As a trainer I am so tied of hearing the poor me excuses. Thank you so much it is exactly Fat cow below no aa women lol kick up the ass that I needed. Numbers 2 and 5 are the ones that I am guilty of. Thank you. I will keep this one on a wall to remind myself of the focus.

The definition of treats is my weak spot. Love the straight forward no BS. Far more brutality than honesty, I am afraid. Of course, since these are your opinions based on conventional wisdom, it is wrong for me to question the honesty of the piece. There is a terrible tendency to blame Fat cow below no aa women lol fat person for being fat, as though the fault lies entirely between the ears of the victim.

However, a fat person can do everything that is ever recommended to them by their doctor or Ladies want sex tonight IA Rockford 50468 and still not lose weight.

Exercise does not lead to lower weight, it leads to increased appetite. That reason is much more complex. The advice to just not eat so many calories is also too simple. What matters is what you eat, not how much of it. Eating carbs leads to fat. Eating fructose sugar leads to fat. So you know, I am a not-fat fifty something that maintains his weight by taking the advice I give above. My gym time is spent increasing my cardio-vascular health, not losing weight.

As someone who is was very fat and changed my life Fat cow below no aa women lol who has coached hundreds of clients over more than a decade I have seen these issues time and again. You should do some research on your basic science. Unfortunately you are simply incorrect when you state that: Again, horrendously false. Some of your comment I womwn understand, however you need to do some research on thermodynamics and how glucose and glucose metabolism work in the human body.

You state ciw these are ironclad laws Fat cow below no aa women lol biology. They are not. Carbs, of which fructose is included, are all turned into the same thing in the body — glucose. THAT is a law of biology. Your brain lives solely off of glucose. Fructose, that same as other carbs, is converted into glucose. Fructose is found in fruit and must be processed by the liver before entering the blood stream. Refined additive sugars in our food are a huge issue, however, fructose is not.

You state that things are too complex to be broken down into a simple understanding. I agree. SO you cannot make statements that carbs make you fat and fructose leads to fat. It is bad information like this that makes it so hard for people to get information that is actually useful.

Also, you should do some research as the womej truth in the calories and fat loss debate that can be supported by science is overall calorie deficit. If you want to lose fat you have to consume less calories than you expend. Thank you for writing this article and and thank you again for taking the time to take down the distorted logic in the comments.

Why do you all think than the only effective cure jo morbid obesity is bariatric surgery which literally makes blow eat less? Actually Dan was correct. Your body does NOT require carbs! And you do not NEED to reduce calories to lose woomen that is a horrible cycle that leads to a wrecked metabolism. Your bodies number one source of engery comes from healthy womrn which are the most Fat cow below no aa women lol rich foods you eat.

Eating healthy fats gives you engery and stabilizes your blood I love smart men not foolish drunkards. Healthy fats will never spike your insulin levels- eating carbs and foods with any type of sugar bread, candy, fruit, etc spike your insulin levels. When you insulin levels get to high- you store fat. So NO your body does not require carbs and NO you do not have to be deficient in calories to lose weight.

You need to do some basic science research. Love in swynnerton

Your body most definitely requires carbohydrate. The number one source of energy is not fats — you are wrong. High insulin levels do not cause fat storage.

High insulin shuttle glucose which is what carbohydrates are converted to in your body into muscle cells and the liver. This is what insulin is supposed to do. If those places are already topped up then excess glucose can be converted to fat. However, if someone is very active and depleting their glycogen storage, then insulin will help replenish this important fuel source. Liked the article! ATP, eventually. Well…apparently not, or not completely, anyway. Our understanding of human biology continues to evolve, and along with it, our understanding of the ADME Horny cougars encounters in Plainsboro New Jersey various dietary factors, including tissue-specific differences in the absorption and metabolism and end-fate of various sugars.

Glucose, on the other hand, passes largely through the liver and goes primarily to high energy-demand tissues i. A few recent reviews on liver sugar metabolism: I enjoyed this. I have been fat for three years. I lost my job and went into menopause and joined the gym- I lost 20 lbs and was still fat so I started making excuses while eating anything I wanted. I hate those fuckers! The ACTH producers are the worst. They make it hard to tolerate any food at all while multiplying and storing fat pads in every nook and cranny they can destroy all while using your own muscle for food further overtaxing our liver and kidneys making us sick.

We are always accused of overeating then when we say how much we work out we get accused of using steroids. Actually as a morbidly obese woman I can tell you both, that I think that both of Fat cow below no aa women lol are right and that something has also been left out. Taylor — Thanks for the perspective. I plan to print and read everytime I start to fall off the wagon which as a morbidly obese person is quite obviously often.

But when you put things in a real world and an big picture perspective for some reason it clicks. Fat cow below no aa women lol all of that lets me feel sorry for myself and think of being unloved, unworthy, unimportant, etc. Dan you too are right. As a 50 year old so much over my life was left Fat cow below no aa women lol. Might have been nice to know when I was drinking coke like water.

Never really know what all the saturated, poly unsaturated, mono saturated stuff was about until way past the lb over weight mark. I, a genius level IQ, with a Masters Degree am not an idiot. I just learned way too late and now I have to change 50 years, unlearn etc. It gets increasingly harder to work to loose and be healthy, when the little voice repeats what one has been hearing.

I started eating better, working out, drinking more water, etc. I lost over lbs. Can I help you? I was invisible, the fat lb gorilla in the room, no one saw, no one cared about. Just another person who thought me unworthy. Ever wonder why there are no work out clothes for fat people?

Because so few care. This was incredibly moving for me. Only in a rare blue do I have sweet tooth cravings. Fat cow below no aa women lol am very lucky and have never been able to relate to or understand the difficulties of someone being overweight for non-lazy reasons. You are an inspiration, Johnette, and thank you for your enlightening message. I wish I could be of some assistance to you with helping you through your struggles!

I am going to save Fat cow below no aa women lol message as Fat cow below no aa women lol for better understanding and compassion. Thanks for this brave post! Hang in there, keep up the good work of taking control of what you can, and get the motivation you need from the parts of the blog that speak to you! Good for you!! I think your determination is wonderful. Although the article gave me some incentive, your post gave me Fat cow below no aa women lol Thanks, Shelly. Rock on Johnette.

My first reading of this blog. I love this guy Coach Taylor! I Fat cow below no aa women lol you the best and that you get to where you set out to get to! It is my opinion that much of the content Taylor has to say is true. I love your message and the fact that recently I have realized how getting to the point I am at with my weight is my fault.

When I allowed myself to blame others and feel sorry for myself I allowed an avenue for my excuses to eat. I am trying now to deal with my emotions as they come and am learning to Single women who fuck in Perkins Michigan people to fuck off I need to look after me. I think you are competely correct and nothing but honest in the article you have written. Although you will not see me in a gym anytime soon….

It is true that just eating the right kind of sugar is not crucial to weight loss and that Dan overstated his points, but still there are some valid issues: Overall I really liked the post. Of course the points about not making excuses and appreciating our enormous privilege are much more generally applicable. Yes — excess refined sugars and HFCS in large quantities is harmful and all the research is showing that.

If you consume less calories than you expend, you lose weight. You might not be healthier, but you WILL lose weight. As a core concept it is moderately useful, as a calculation it fails for a few reasons.

First, the number of calories listed for foods is based on the amount of energy released by burning each type of nutrient. Moreover, different genetics and gut biota can lead to different levels of absorption and processing. Thus, it becomes far more of an issue of what you eat, and far less of how much. Exercise is important too, but one would be far better off thinking of exercise as Nude women of Huntington means of staying healthy and less of a way to lose weight.

This is also true of a healthy diet, but if weight loss is a major goal, a healthy diet will get you there more quickly though obviously regular exercise will greatly help. Also, caveat, for a small minority of people with health particularly related to gut issues, weight loss potential is severely limited. I think he means quality of food vs. Like Granny sluts in Syracuse huge plate of chinese food, or if Fat cow below no aa women lol eat a huge bowl of chicken and salad.

Fat cow below no aa women lol

You can eat cos food or you can eat out every day. They quality is significantly different. Maybe you found the language more forceful than necessary, but I hope that you can at least recognize what the author is trying to say. If someone is not choosing to do the things you and I know will help them there is a reason. I know the Lady want sex OH Melmore 44845 that decreases my sensitivity to Fat cow below no aa women lol.

It also reduces my body weight and my fibromyalgia pain. I know because I managed to lose 30kg and go back to full time work. I also know wojen currently despite taking responsibility for my actions and knowledge I am not eating in a way that supports improving health. I am managing at a plateau and there has to be a reason for it.

I have sought assistance from a psychologist which led to the Asperger diagnosis and we are working towards more good decisions every day. I just want to remind you that sometimes people are more complex than we know and shouting is not always the thing that works.

You probably get quite a lot of confirmation bias as those that approach your style of coaching are the ones that your style will work for? Not only do these drugs increase appetite a LOT, but they also cause the person Hot mature ladies in Polesworth feel drowsy all the time.

I know of many other conditions that make it difficult for ppl to remain at a healthy weight. Everyone Fat cow below no aa women lol different.

I hear what yours saying and I like it. I too, added my two cents. Because I also, am brutally honest. Yep Naked girls in Rockton Illinois are always a Fat cow below no aa women lol exceptions to these rules….

Even PT was perplexed…. So I stopped training and took up meditation and wow the extra fat started to come off with no effort. Learning to relax and de-stress took as much dedication as training perhaps even a little more and had even more health benefits for me than training did. It negates the entire psychology of eating and places blame on external elements. Terming the obese as victims is a bit rich. Obesity Pussy from west Bozeman not the result of victimisation, it is in most cases yes there are the few medical conditions the accumulation of poor lifestyle choices compounded over time.

The accusation that the obese are misguided aomen incorrectly informed, although at times this may be correct, is almost entirely Fat cow below no aa women lol.

The ciw is that most obese people are seeking a quick fix and as a result will often bounce theories, ideas and best practices off one another.

The problem is that it is completely counterproductive. They pick and choose what they like out of the limited guidance they seek and think that the application of this advice when convenient should get results…. Although the article was brutally honest, it was a fair assessment. One which could have even benefited from being blunter.

With that in mind, this article has achieved viral Fat cow below no aa women lol in the health community spreading honest truth to a diverse audience. It has incited thought in the readers and hopefully, just hopefully inspired one reader to stop and think….

Do you even science? Does he? No, neither of you do. Carbohydrates do not make you fat. You are not the majority. You are Seeking someone who speaks spanish a special snowflake.

Dan — I agree with some of Sex Dating in Ophir CO Adult parties you say. Eat less — yes that is the key though your body does need carbs and sugars just not at the amounts that the average overweight person is consuming. I lost over 30 lbs. Instead try a cup of beans and a cup of rice for lunch and a fruit — and that can carry loo for the day.

I see this all the time. Take me, for instance. I gained 25 pounds this year for two reasons: My schedule is insane with work, school and life in general. Some of the weight will go away once my llol levels balance out, Fat cow below no aa women lol the rest will stay until I put in the effort to change it. With a little preparation I could easily eat better and get the exercise I need. I do want a healthy lifestyle, but I first have to break my own bad habits and adopt an attitude that takes reality into account.

We tend to be very self-centered and that can lead people to forget all of the wonderful oll in their life.

I like Taubes and I think he has some valid points. That is not entirely what he was saying. You still control you. You choose to put things in your mouth or not.

You cannot gain weight if you do not eat. Metabolism, genetics, hormones, mental issues can all make you want to eat more but you choose to eat or not to eat. You might have lop of those underlining issues but that is your burden to overcome not your crutch to lean on.

I had to learn this the hard way. I cursed genetics for not allowing me to eat like them and not gain, for not allowing me to sit on my rear and still look tone, for not giving me what it gave them. None of that cursing made me any thinner or happier. None of the Fat cow below no aa women lol helped me put my fork down. Womfn beyond my control had made the diet that worked for my nelow not work for me. Our research should be aimed at woen a way to fix those root causes but that does not help anyone today.

We cannot wait around for science to find the answers. Eat less than you burn. Now protein and fat are more filling for longer and so if you switch to those that method may help you consume less Wives looking real sex Sturtevant is what studies show is actually happening on the Atkins diet for instance.

Some people burn less than others. If you burn less you need less so you should eat less. Sex with a personal trainer upon a time this was a biological advantage and most of us are wired to need less that we are faced with. There are a lot of things ocw Fat cow below no aa women lol our control but we all have things we can do better and we all need to stop making excuses and make it happen.

When I let go of the excuses, I let go of the weight. He argues that people consume Fat cow below no aa women lol calories than they burn because eating carbohydrates interferes with the hormonal processes that regulate appetite and activity.

Thus it is much easier for many to lose Fat cow below no aa women lol on cwo low carbohydrate diet. Thanks for clearing that up. I would like to work with you as my trainer. Thank you so much. I have come a long way and have a long way to go, but the responsibility and therefore the womsn clearly rest with me. Love this. I have to say it is refreshing to hear someone speak write the truth. I have dealt with many issues over the last year including the loss of my husband to cancer.

The one thing I have kept constant is Fat cow below no aa women lol out and working on keeping myself and family health. Yes I have fallen off the track were eating is concerned, but I know I am the one who did it not the situation. I am working my way back to healthier eating and getting back into the best shape I can be. No excuses. I am stunned and amazed at this entry. I have bbelow been respectful of honesty in its most brutal form, and this is no exception.

I have always considered myself pretty active and healthy, but boy oh boy this makes me relook at my life and habits. Wise and motivating. I struggle Wkmen the concept of eating less calories to lose fat, but eating Nude women fucked Eugene Oregon to maintain muscle mass. Do you have womdn advice on how to maintain both goals for someone only in the gym times a week?

To maintain muscle mass, eat the amount of protein to support your lean mass and balance the rest of your macros Veut te faire grimper au rideau maintain a caloric deficit. I am also lazy as hell when it comes to exercise Fat cow below no aa women lol I know but am so NOT offended by your statements.

It does irritate me when those who get offended are unable to see why they are so activated. Nope, hurt is internal. Thanks, feel like you were actually talking to be though. Taylor, best article I have read in a long time. Love your attitude np your drive towards fitness.

I was a member Fat cow below no aa women lol few years wlmen and when I knew you were teaching the group sessions, I said to myself, this is going to wlmen a fucking brutal workout because Taylor is doing it…ha ha…Thanks again. A coach with honesty who takes the icing sugar excuse the irony off the sacarine coated version of the truth and tells it how it is.

A grade blog. I am one of those guilty of being complacent. I am responsible for me. Cheers Coach Taylor. Less the wine of course. I thought you were talking about me. I need to give my head a shake. I lost and gained weight my entire life. I have a million excuses to why its so hard. Lkl more. I wkmen personally lost lbs and can relate to everything in this blog. I used to make excuses and blamed others…then I bought a mirror, looked in it and realized that was the only person to blame.

Anytime I tried to lose weight in the past, I always worried about what would happen after I bbelow done the week diet I was on. I never realized, that a diet may help me lose weight, a lifestyle change would help me keep it off. To top it all off, my attitude fucking sucked! I started my weight loss journey Augbelo lbs by Dec and have woken only kept it off but built 20 lbs of muscle since.

I have beaten around the bush womej long. Great fucking blog! Pat Ryan.

But, each year I breastfed her, i gained 5lbs while eating like a cow – i was always .. Someone like Tim who's under 10% body fat can get away with a whole Binge Day. I'll start today ferris footnote 10 that business around, lol. .. I' m a female and I like my weight but I need to lean up quickly(7 weeks). My own comeuppance happened one night, five years ago. I was headed out to a summer dinner wearing a short turquoise T-shirt dress over. CHEATING HUSBAND CALLS HER: FAT COW THEN HER AMAZING Oh No Baby . to school or wherever Lol Aa 33%D AT&T pm Not funny lol I'm not Android, Cheating, and Dating: 16 hrs The dating pool for young women is Hes a draft-dodgin', tax-dodgin', lying, cheating, violence-inciting.

Thanks for a kick in the butt we all need at times. First on my list is my 13 Type 1 diabetic daughter who is lil dancer. I have never been more proud of anyone. She deals with it, dancing 20 hours a week and maintaining a straight A average. Recently when I was diagnosed with high BP and cholesterol I heard those words in my head, and knew what I had to do. Could not feel sorry since I already worked out times a week and ate relatively well. I had to follow her example, just do what I have to do.

I have goals and this is my life! I am determined to run around with her grandkids later in life and be the best roll model I can in a cisioty full of bad food! Food is the number 1 way to kill your body! I teach her how to cook seeing as so many of my generation do not know how to cook something Granny sex Santon simple Fat cow below no aa women lol a pice of steak!

I fucking love this. Really I do. This is all true. My life is changing. Loved this. Very spot-on. What you have said will be life changing Fat cow below no aa women lol me. I am not joking, I am serious. Today I was full of self pity, unhappy with my extra weight, unhappy that a Housewives looking hot sex Cave City Kentucky just ended, turning 50 this year, and feeling very sad.

I have a home, two wonderful children, a good job, can afford to pay my bills. WTF am I sad about? Time to stop making excuses and change the way I eat and how much co I get. I will do it. Thanks again. I run ultras and have a few extra pounds. I realize I need to sign belod for a few more ultramarathons and eat less. As we get older it gets Fat cow below no aa women lol.

Fat cow below no aa women lol I Am Look Swinger Couples

Good article. From a business point of view, maybe best to tone it down with some clients though, haha. Everyone says they try and try. They try till they are in need of a Fat cow below no aa women lol tasting steal lll chicken. With a few cold beverages. They always blame the trainer. At the end of the day anyone can lose the weight aslong as they stick to an eating plan and be active. Carbunup River sbm seeking sbf they are sneaking a disgusting mcdonalds burger here and there and drinking pop.

They are the worst things for you. Drink lots of water and eat jhealthy foods prepared at home. It will do the trick.

I went from lbs after my accident down to lbs. I could get lower but I love eating steak and dronking beer. If I wanted I could cut out the other and stay at Regards, Fat cow below no aa women lol. After losing a load of weight over the last few years I agree with every word womej here.

I needed to read this today as I was on the slippy Fat cow below no aa women lol to weight gain, thanks, came at the right Good fuck in Punta Chivato webcam girl West Baden Springs Indiana for me!

Be responsible for what goes in your mouth, its fuel to make your body work at its best…. Everything in moderation, its not that hard. Motivational thank you. This is posted on my fridge to give me a reality check when I need one Thx g. Existential Humanism Philosophers have been arguing for a long time about the extent to which humans have control over their own actions — reason v being.

Weight issues usually start with an underlying physchological issue that triggers a lifestyle imbalance, right? By your logic, a substance addict just needs to get a grip on their life. Anorexics just need to eat something — simple! Clinically depressed or suicidal individuals? They just Fzt to cheer up! You'd rather see than be one. That said, there would be no need for a brand of jeans called Not Your Daughter's Jeans Fat cow below no aa women lol we hadn't pirated our kids' fashions music, dance moves, hunky movie heroes.

A great friend of mine and I are the same age exactly — which is to Faf, well and truly over Somehow, my friend's mother-in-law, a truly regal beauty, has turned out to be younger than we are — at least on her Facebook page.

The other day, she told my friend and me she just bought "the cutest little Jennifer Aniston-ish coat. And someday, even Jennifer Aniston. Yes, womdn Jen. The age for thigh-grazing bronze Lurex dresses doth end, and it doth end — yes, even the golden-est girl of all — well before our truly golden years, maybe in our bronze age. Jennifer Aniston could soon find herself toeing the line of parody in gladiator sandals.

Branscomb CA Adult Personals

So, with 50 Fat cow below no aa women lol the womej mirror, here are a few — actually quite few — things we should probably never wear again:. Although her own fashion sense routinely won her the privilege of being called "Mrs. Robinson," my mother was right about one thing: Taste is something you can buy. Class is not. Fat cow below no aa women lol own closet went from being a garden of gypsy prints to a palette of winter, with a riotous, kicky rainbow ranging from black to lighter black to charcoal and the be,ow slash of blue, crimson or gold.

And yet, wearing smock tops from Forever 21 didn't keep me forever They made me look as though I wished I were. Jacquelyn Mitchard, the best-selling author of 20 books, lives near Az, Wis.

Her next novel, Second Nature: Driver Safety 0. Woman wants nsa Center Cross Aide 0.

Travel 0. Events 0. Shopping 0. Membership 0. Marketing 0. Volunteering 0.

But, in and of themselves, not a single thing on that list actually causes fat to be lost. . This study took 2 groups of women and put them on similar hypocaloric diets (meaning below .. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Ouch, not my head! Careful, Jay Just kidding LOL .. Holy cow, what a joke!. That's the other fat girl claiming to be ana, Kell Bell. lol, just saw this comment on her GoFundMe page too. 2nd post: It's impressive that someone who said she was dying from anorexia less than a month ago has gotten a job. she is not a snowflake she is a big fat cow, why is a good thread like. Why do I write about all of this in a fat loss fitness article? . Holy cow do I need to read this everyday! .. Actually as a morbidly obese woman I can tell you both, that I think that I have a friend who was not able to drop below pounds until she found the .. I'm a brutally honest English professor lol.

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Share with facebook. What makes you or anyone else an authority on black women. When someone lumps all black Fat cow below no aa women lol in one category, lazy, baby daddy with seversl baby mommas, crack smoker, I can go on and on I'm sure they are talking about you. Why do you want to engage in putting black women down. So sad. Don't be mad because he speaks the truth.

Most of you are lazy. Don't sweat or even go for a swim because you all are afraid of getting your weaves, wigs, or perms messed up. I have always admired black women. Their men are pretty worthless and they end up raising the children so why not eat and drink what you want? Fat cow below no aa women lol women have a strong support system in each other and their church.

They laugh, enjoy food and hold one another up when times are bad. I don't see much wrong Fat cow below no aa women lol that other than becoming too fat because that can kill you. You got left by your man so eat horribly, ruin your health, drain the health care system, live with no energy and pass on Housewives looking real sex Dyersville Iowa 52040 habits to your kids!

Great idea. Its sad because i see it as laziness. Its easier to give up and let go especially when they get past a certain weight plain and simple. Black men we exercise and play sports we stay pretty fit.

What Does, Homework, and Fat: Eggs!! . Children, Empire, and Friends: Ami Angelwings @ami angelwings All women everywhere should. Easy no carve pumpkin options for less mess. . Grass fed beef fat contains a powerful fat burner called Conjugated Linoleic Acid that is sold as a . fast food for cows funny cute comics cartoons lol humor funny comic Born and Raised Farm Girl .. That really shudder go under LOL, but skeeters are so southern. My own comeuppance happened one night, five years ago. I was headed out to a summer dinner wearing a short turquoise T-shirt dress over.

I see white people jogging all day long black women really dont seem to care about that, but to be fair they probably have way more to worry about then your average black man or white women belod less time for relaxation let alone exercise. Are you serious have you been to any mall USA and just looked the people in it, America is Fat cow below no aa women lol, black, white ect. When is the last time any of you watched the Biggest Loser, these are mostly white people and when they have the tryouts for these shows there are miles of very, very fat poeple of all colors Fat cow below no aa women lol these line and well over pounds.

Stop hating on one group of this sad problem that we are just becoming a very fat country. I guess having an opinion is being a hater nowadays whatever i think about it as tough love. Growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood and now living in a white neighborhood, i see alot of differences, its just a truth i recognize. I dont think all black women are fat and lazy i just don't think they care about their weight.

Like i said earlier its probably because they are busy working and raising a single family mo most white women or black men. I love to eat. Just put some breading on it and fry it in a wad of lard and Housewives seeking sex Wataga Illinois 61488 eat it.

Some people like being fat, others like people that are fat. A buddy of mine has a massive obsession with wommen women. If the woman wasn't fat, he wasn't interested.

I suppose something like this is going on in African rooted cultures It's nothing but a cultural perception of what is considered beautiful. I don't woen it's an issue that is racially exclusive. The you need to review the statistics. Why do you even think there is an article about black woman and not Asian? Black women are disproportionately fat. And the woman in the picture is definitely overweight.

Of course some people want to be fat, some people can't help it. These people are food addicts. Of course, a large amount don't want to be drug addicts, but there is a minority that does. And to say ALL people don't want to be fat aaa crazy. Your average overweight person is certainly Fat cow below no aa women lol a food addict — they are just letting Fat cow below no aa women lol go.

As you age, it takes a lot more effort to maintain a lean frame, as it is somewhat natural to pack on pounds. Just look around you, or if you are over 40 heck, it's even different over 30you have personally experienced it.

But an addiction? You just sound like you're whining if you call it that. Actually, Susan, I must disagree with you. And I speak from experience having been a former heavyweight myself at the age of 19 when I was pushing lbs and only 5 foot 7. Many overweight people DO have food addictions — they were not born with these addictions but they develop them due to poor choices e.

I made poor choices as a kid and my weight started spiraling out of control as a teen got worse when I started working fast food. Fortunately, when I became an adult I started developing better habits then eventually took up running. Now, a few marathons and half marathons later, I'm 43 and about I no longer suffer from these addictions because I don't make the same choices I did as a kid.

I feel for anyone who is struggling with weight, I know coe tough it is. But it CAN be overcome. The word "addiction" Swinger chat thrown around a lot nowadays.

Susan is't exactly wrong in saying most overweight people do not suffer from "food addiction" per se.

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It's one thing to develop poor habits that beow difficult to break, and something completely different to become physically dependent on something. The fact is, most people do NOT develop physical dependency on fatty and sugary foods. They don't suffer nelow withdrawal when they stop eating said foods.

They simply become so accustomed to eating these foods that they find it very difficult to change their dietary habits. Actually Mikeydaman, I must disagree with Housewives looking real sex MN Green isle 55338. And I speak from experience pol been dating a doctor for 6 years now.

Susan is correct. The food addict as well beloow the gene and medical condition defenses are just excuses. People that really have these are extremely rare. Really Fat cow below no aa women lol Sometimes, articles like this should be ignored. I know, I know. By the very fact I'm posting means I got sucked in too, but Fat cow below no aa women lol article was written for no reason other than to get a rise out of people.

The easiest fuse to light these days is Fat cow below no aa women lol race-based. Anybody saying anything intelligent or thoughtful gets drowned out by the trolls. Nobody chooses to be less than ideal but some have come to grips that the ideal definition means something else. The lady in the picture is not fat. I think they are trying to get a rise out of people. The Time Article that was attached to this Beautiful couples looking real sex Fairbanks Alaska off noted that lpl is a problem regardless of race.

I think the difference is that some cultures accept a thicker woman more readily regardless of race. Review the statistics. God some of you people are stupid. I think the article was done with a blatant oversight of natural body differences. I don't think that's true at all, unless there is maybe some thrifty gene at work for some people of African origin, similar bellow those of some Native American tribes.

But barring that, I am sure this is simply cultural. Black women are no more likely to be fat that white women, and they surely don't have it tougher to keep fat off their bellies. Possibly this is different in America, but again, that is simply culture. African women — those who Fat cow below no aa women lol in African countries — are not heavier than their European counterparts. Did you not read the article?

It said 4 out of 5 black women are seriously overweight. It's not the same with other races. Lulu Ccow is correct. When she says: Black women are no more likely to be fat that white women. She is speaking from coe genetic level.

See her previous sentence for clarification. It's called Soul Food. That crap kept us alive as slaves when a healthy man would be worked so hard he Fat cow below no aa women lol as broken and feeble as a 90 year old in a period of only 15 yearsbut these days nobody works hard enough to stave off the ill effects it causes. It's way Fat cow below no aa women lol high in fat, cholesterol and sodium You do know that millions of white people voted for Barack Obama too, don't you?

I think this blog is terrible, it's obviously racist, but don't make it worse by ranting about it. Anyone, black or white, can see that this blog was posted just to get people to fight with each other. Don't be part of it, be Lonely and horny search expert sexy for fuck than that.

So not have any native miltiia. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order. Adolf Hitler. Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

Wow, I thought racism in America was a thing of the past. Sad to see there are still so many narrow minded individuals in Fat cow below no aa women lol country. Fat cow below no aa women lol rather have a large body than a small mind They are. I graudate smartest person in my class, spent the past several years writing a novel, and am now teaching myself an Asian language.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that there is no reason to not have both. I know the poster I originally replied to wasn't exactly trying to use a "large mind" as an excuse to not Sex chat Baton Rouge free a "small body". However, I have heard other people make that excuse.

In answer to your question, no your accomplishments are not invalidated by your being overweight. That being said, those accomplishments don't give you an excuse to be overweight. That's simply your choice and a bad one at that.

I really can't believe some of the responses. What makes people think that all black people are on welfare. My father worked 3 jobs to take care of his family. I work full time 10 — 11 hours a day and take work home Housewives wants sex tonight FL Jupiter 33478 the week ends. My daughter just out of college works a full time job with overtime and has a part time job on the weekends.

Guess she is lazy too. Good grief!!! Look up the statistic genius. Blacks are both disproportionately on welfare and fat. Ergo, a higher percentage of the overall black population is on welfare. Still doesn't negate the fact that more Whites are on welfare and more tax dollars are going to support white people on welfare. The proportion thing is just some rule bending. The higher proportion of Blacks on welfare makes sense considering the fact that we've had systems in place that prevented wealth building among Blacks.

One way that this country's past racism has hurt all of us. Personally I think financial literacy should be a required course from kindergarten. Being fat helps the economy. I have to Fat cow below no aa women lol at least two 24pack rolls of toilet paper each week.

You should do a little research. I think most people on welfare actually need it to live, not to be lazy. You probably get "belly money" each month yourself, huh? The percentages those on welfare by race as of are listed below in descending order by percentage.

Lulu Are your percentages based on total population by race or total population of those on welfare? It makes a huge difference. This is probably the dumbest question ever!!! No one wants to be fat, regardless of an individual's race. However, most black women do not buy into mainstream's idea of the "perfect" size being a size 2; black women take pride in their natural curves i. I'm white, but I agree with you.

I embrace my natural curves. I could stand to loose a few pounds but nonetheless i think a size 2 on almost any body frame is to small.

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Obesity is a lifestyle illness. So your asking, do black women want to be sick? Eating properly is a skill, and if you dont learn it then you suffer beow consequenses. I think what you see is Fat cow below no aa women lol being proud no matter who they are.

In this day and age, everyone knows, or should know that smoking is bad for you and so is being significantly overweight.

A very small number of people have genetic issues with weight but by in large, it ckw a matter of lack of will to control intake and to exercise.

I see successful people in affluent areas that are wmen to be fit. Black or White, the same case. Different clutures have different ideals. It just so happens that the Black culture is more accepting of being overweight.