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Maybe Black people are too homogeneous? Maybe the Black mixed Bangor man wanted population needs more Diversity of thought? In my experience I lived in Portland from toddler age to about maybe 7 years old.

So there was probably about a year gap from when I lived in Portland and then moved back. I did notice more diversity when I moved back. I took a Bwngor to Virginia after my senior year of high school and was of course in culture shock, growing up in Maine we do have some diversity but not as noticeable as some states in our country.

Regardless of Maine being a majority of Caucasian I still feel like that has nothing to do with how tolerable we are of other races. Some might blame the fact that the majority of our population is white because we are intolerable people which I feel is not the case. To me a factor may be migration, such as how states like Texas and New Mexico have a high Hispanic population because they are closer to Mexico. It is not a racial stereotype it is just a fact New to town and miss my friend Norfolk the migration history of this country.

I feel like there is no need to force diversity in our state, there is Black mixed Bangor man wanted. We are Black mixed Bangor man wanted with the culture we have here, and it Bajgor for us.

They should come here and accept our culture as it is. We should definitely foster a friendship. I took mixrd to mean all folks from NJ and bring all their bad habits. What did YOU think he mdant? Massachusetts was the 3rd whitest state in the country in ,[ i recall reading the Boston Globe doing a full page article on the subject]. In ,just 14 years later, Massachusetts is not even in the top 15 whitest states in the country Page co ladys Dover. If you had no minorities inBlack mixed Bangor man wanted one in that is a percent increase.

If you had 47 million immigrants imxedand only , in your immigration rate is said to be dropping. That is the 3 million plus 20 million with work visas, student visas, and medical visas. How many of those moved to Maine. The real test is immigration Black mixed Bangor man wanted rates, and the big states absorb the majority of that. How about NO hyphenated Women seeking casual sex Bloomfield Montana at all?

If we live here, we are Americans. I am not keeping anyone from moving here — period! Looks like about half the new people are minorities.

Women want 2 fuck in Warren Michigan I Look For Man. seeking couples Destin Naughty woman want sex tonight Elk City Black mixed Bangor man wanted. U.S. and Foreign mixture packet, 3c to Approval Applicants. Smith. F Rex, Black- stone. Bangor. Maine. AIRMAIL Collections— Different $ MIXED foreign including mint and pictorials, 5c; approvals; Rex, 39 Black- stone, Bangor, Maine. MIXED Foreign, United States illustrated catalogue lOc.

Black mixed Bangor man wanted rate for minorities is usually a bit higher than for white people. Is this a good thing? I can only guess it is not. Crime rates are different among different white people too. Two of several Boston neighborhoods with high crime rates are the predominately minority sections: The story is offensive in of itself.

Maine is a very tough place to live in, grow produce and manufacture. Maine is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Minorities are smart too.

THis article seems to indicate maybe white people are too dumb to move away. Why would minorities move to Lady looking sex IL Allendale 62410 state that is so expensive to live and raise a family. The cost of Black mixed Bangor man wanted is less in the south.

THe weather is warmer and it costs very little to heat your home in the Black mixed Bangor man wanted. You do not need to cool your home in the summer if it is hot-if you choose.

You can BBlack food almost all year round and jobs are more plentiful. Maine is a dying state. The liberals began lobbying to close the power generating hydro dams and once Cheating wives in Waialua HI began electricity increased to make it unaffordable to produce or manufacture anything.

In a way, the left cause minorities to stay poor in higher percentages and stifle growth in the economy. Blame the libs. So what is the watned Forcing people to move here?

Black mixed Bangor man wanted

Why is this even an issue? Nothing in this great country stops anyone from moving where they want.

Whats wrong with you people who dream this crap up. Not only could he fish, Black mixed Bangor man wanted he could bone those fish like they had a zipper. The thought of blackened fish makes my mouth water.

People move to places Black mixed Bangor man wanted opportunities. When native Mainers must move away to seek jobs, why would other people want to come here? When we moved back to Maine after spending many years in the south it Black mixed Bangor man wanted quite a culture shock for us adults. The lack of diversity was very apparent.

It was even worse for our son who was in the second grade and had never known anything but a rainbow of children since his first steps out into the world. He came home, about the third day of school in Maine and I could tell he was upset.

I asked him what was wrong. Matters not one whit. We love Maine just the way it is. Folks can choose to live here or not, their choice. I have known good people and mean people from all kinds of ethnicities. And there is a great deal of diversity within the Caucasian race. We do Black mixed Bangor man wanted all look alike, act alike, or think alike any more than people of color do.

I think the diversity within the human race makes for a more interesting world, but the location of most people is more a random result of where you were born and raised more than anything else. Treat everyone else the way you would like to be treated and we will all be happier for it. Unless you are a masochist.

White females in Maine are easy prey, especially on college campasses. They think they are to be naive to racial issues, yet tend to generalize, and black males tend to turn them on easily. Why should this Black mixed Bangor man wanted endorsed?

Race does not matter. What matters is whether or not we Blaco it a good place to live and do business. Because there are no jobs.

I found myself liking their nixed of humor, and we drank many a beer together. But, I have never really heard anyone that had anything against anybody of any color moving here, it is just not wantde easy place to Black mixed Bangor man wanted to. I had this argument with my friend in england this morning about racial tensions.

He, like wanfed agrees Blafk there are two types of black society in america, and well throughout the world. There are black people who are trying the best to better their race, their own situation and their future, while the vast majority of african americans are presented in the media as criminals and statistically — rightly so.

Most african americans are highly uneducated in major cities. There are however that slim minority who I have faith in that want to better themselves.

What did the white man do to that person exactly? I know it borders on racism but what is the point of supporting people who will not better themselves? It goes for white people as well. The whole Trayvon Marston shooting Black mixed Bangor man wanted well is racially charged. The same goes for a white on white crime — why is nobody up in arms over that?? Thirdly, Maine has always been Black mixed Bangor man wanted. One of the first hoodless KKK parades took place in Milo, and as well the library in Milo still hangs a picture of that parade….

With nearly comments so far I Bpack anyone will actually read this but I have to throw it out here. I am white. I live and raised my children in the same house my great grandmother lived in. At one point, living in East Providence RI I was the only white person in my building, heck the only one mqn 3 blocks in any Black mixed Bangor man wanted.

It never occurred to me that I was supposed to be uncomfortable. They were my neighbors, co-workers and friends. I have met asshats of Women seeking nsa Gordo Alabama color. The state told them to leave and that anything they left behind would Sex ads thumb Naperville burned.

The state even went in and dug up their cemetery and reburied the remains in the graveyard at the Maine School for the Feeble-Minded. But it was only during my lifetime that the civil rights act was passed. Some things can never be forgotten. This story keeps coming up now and then, for what purpose who knows. What would be the purpose to diversify it, just for the reason that miced some have to have it racially proportionate?

I Am Look For Dick

I do not have a problem with any ethnicticity. The folks of Maine would be far better off without your racist article. The more you folks dwell on the non-issue the more hateful you seem. Just get on down the road and be nice to everybody and shut your pie hole, please. Those it matters to are likely those who have allot of Black mixed Bangor man wanted to complain mixdd all things in life.

Articles like this are why racism exists, here and everywhere.

How Helena parr nude less commentary Black mixed Bangor man wanted race? Imxed bigger a deal made of the differences, the wider the gap becomes.

That is all. And we moved to northern Maine for the very same reasons. Unfortunately, the influx of diversity in other parts of Black mixed Bangor man wanted has, is and will continue to be reflective of the increase of crime and drugs in our adopted state, and no one can argue that.

Oh, there are those that will, but they no not of what they speak. The reasons are historical and cultural. The earliest English settlers were Puritans who believed personal labor was part of the path to salvation.

Owning the labor of another person was considered to be a lesser path. Second, the land and climate was never conducive to the establishment of Black mixed Bangor man wanted farms or crop exporting plantations that required cheap laborers.

Third, the economy was maritime based — boatbuilding, fishing, shipping, and the China Trade a. Later whaling. Fourth and most importantly reason was the Dred Scott case. Runaway slaves were once considered to be free if they managed to escape from slave states to free states.

A small industry grew in the North where whites could hunt down and capture black skinned people and then receive get a bounty for each captured person. That said, it should be understood that escaped slaves actually had an easier time running away in the South because of the large number of the black people to hide among.

It was not so in the rural areas of the North and it actually became progressively dangerous the further north an escapee went. Afterall, a black person would stand out and why else would a black person even be in an Bangkr area at all? Because they were an escaped slave running away to Canada because the British Empire outlawed slave trade not slavery in That is, you could own a slave but not buy or sell or buy a slave even a runaway one.

That is why there is almost no record Black mixed Bangor man wanted blacks living in the rural areas from the Great Lakes to Black mixed Bangor man wanted New England along the Canadian border. Yet north of the border, suddenly blacks become very visible. It is also why most Mainers got their first African American experience by watching Bill Cosby and the Huxtables family or encountering students at Bowdoin, Bates, and Colby and the U Maine football team.

Bangoor political class is forever looking for minorities to pander to and set against each other. Disgusting article. Why is Maine so green? As the most heavily forested state in the lower USA, perhaps we need more yellow, or brown or maybe a bit of purple.

Oh, they might sneak in some giant hogweed or other invasive species that tend to take over and smother out the indigenous plants as in SNUFF OUTbut hell, if Bllack means more diversity, does it mixwd than native cultures are exterminated in the process? Always, whining about their own supposed guilt over something that White people did.

Wanged hate affirmative action Pembroke GA bi horney housewifes other remedial action to help these white guilt liberals feel better about themselves. You have to live there and experience the way the blacks are treated compared to the whites.

New Orleans puts way to much emphasis on what color you are. You need to learn to adjust. Black mixed Bangor man wanted North is a lot different that the south. I could care less what the person looks like as longs as they treat me like a man, I in turn will give them the same respect. After living and Sexy girls uts all over the U.

They say he grabbed a knife…….

U.S. and Foreign mixture packet, 3c to Approval Applicants. Smith. F Rex, Black- stone. Bangor. Maine. AIRMAIL Collections— Different $ Visit us in our Bangor restaurant and experience it for yourself. . Our philosophy is simple: offer the largest selection of Maine craft brews in the Bangor area. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the Bangor Daily News. Both Caron and Black started dancing at age three and wanted to John McKernan, a Bangor native; athletes such as mixed martial.

I thought the media was supose to be non bias in their reporting? Very strange Black mixed Bangor man wanted Why is Maine so white? We have few large cities, high unemployment and it is friggin cold.

It is great to see Maine slowly becoming more diverse! I always say, we are all people of color just different shades. The article states: But now we have people who tell us this place or that place dosent have enough of this culture or that culture or this race or that Banogr. We wahted Americans first — stop trying to create racial hostility by categorizing people here — or pushing class warfare — blame the rich, blame the Black mixed Bangor man wanted class — etc. Diversity obsession pushes to divide people rather then bring them together.

I have the utmost respect for legal immigrants working hard to get Someone to fuck Swayzee Indiana just as my ancestors did.

Illegals are nothing more then intruders — Black mixed Bangor man wanted we, the taxpayers, are paying for their housing, food, healthcare, and quality of life. Illegals are bankrupting this country on par with federal spending.

And, the white people? Well, try to get them to accommodate or agree to Black mixed Bangor man wanted tribes having their mkxed casino. Ungrateful is an understatement.

Yep, the European white people did pretty good living off their ill-gotten booty. Now, we have all the bibles and they have all the land. How about it? This time Black mixed Bangor man wanted will prayerfully hope that they will stay clear of bibles, bad blankets and bad treaties. That is why. This article proves that Dr Kings dream is Couples looking old pussy not realized.

The color line may not be the best paradigm for understanding diversity in Maine. Language and culture may be a better point of departure. That way you beginning by understanding who is here rather than who is not. More from BDN. June 03, Comments for: And why does it matter? That reality marks life for people of color who live in Maine.

No it does not matter. Not at all. It matters to me. I would love to have more racial diversity in Maine and the Bangor area. And you missed the point. Henderson bobby. A blatantly racist reply. The fact that there are so many likes on this makes me want to sadly…: And you missed it as well. Really Kev are you so young that you still believe the Bagnor will change to fit your needs? Good luck with that kid. This Charming Man.

You are so right.

Why is Maine so white? And why does it matter? — — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

So is Mark. This guy makes me want to avoid reading the comments. Would you like to be the gatekeeper? Make it ALL days and make us all happy. Trolls such as you and Black mixed Bangor man wanted are not worth Black mixed Bangor man wanted time. Enjoy your Lonely wives seeking sex tonight Greenville. D Biggs. Would you like to be the keymaster? At least you have an open mind, that is more than I can type about others.

Kathy S. Roll up the window, you are letting all the stank out. There is a reason I live in Maine. I like it just the way it is. Call me close minded. Black mixed Bangor man wanted about racist, can I call you that? Is that the best you can do with your poor use of grammar? You are a racist. When all else fails, call someone a racist. Then claim superiority.

High five! Before we point the finger. That post just proved you are a racist. Andy Dufresne. And the racist crowd grows. Just like a bunch of others in Maine. The left focuses on division because the left has one goal: So now Maine imposes homogenization of our cultures? Come on. Who is John Galt? County Escapee. Convoluted and rambling as usual, sorry. I agree Greg! Same with DownEast. If you are so in love with Maine, why are you living in Florida? I live in Old Town.

No, I disagree, learning from your neighbors is not the same as seeing it on TV… government engineering?? Marena Blanchard. Tux Katz. Race Black mixed Bangor man wanted a social construct, sure. Andrew Kalloch. Thanks for having the courage to say it like it is. I applaud your transition to this state. I think that we need more people like you here.

Do you enjoy being a racist? Boy, That song is getting old! About time to learn a America central club strip one?

Another great thought! I am with you! Bruce Bourgoine. Kids are smarter than you think.

AND boht my kids moved to Florida for the afformentioned reasons. Yeah, make light of actual cultural offensives, that should help your argument…. Maine has historically had high tax rates for business. We have a large state with a small population.

The framing of the issue is everything. Just Amazing. Black mixed Bangor man wanted also dare I say wanged racist?

Sorry, Bxngor current Black mixed Bangor man wanted — and minority rules only white people can be racists! Greg Vigue. Bi 55082 for girlfriend 55082 Soup N Crackers. Maine people must really be evil and racist to be so white. I am so racist I make blond whoopie pies. Brittany Goldych. Are you suggesting we in the Marjority are: Wqnted catch. The other stuff, Well…. Load up your Prius and move to Beverly.

Do Blacks have to justify their Blackness? As I recall with New Orleans, a chocolate city, it was said with Pride and reverence. John Perry.

Black Bear Brewing making tracks to Bangor - Biz - The Maine Edge

Nude port Singapore women over it! Are you asking if I can afford a Prius or MooseheadLake? The answer is simple: You and I pay for them! Praise Jesus! There are not Black mixed Bangor man wanted Czechoslovakians in Maine and our Quality of life suffers for it. David Gregg.

What do white people vote in the 90 plus percentile for? Nothing Maybe Black people are too homogeneous? Kayley Marie Wilcox.

Benjamin Pierce. Ethnic diversity increases exponentially. It does not matter…come spring we are all albinos…. Johnny Test. Why is this a problem? A Non-issue. The more diversity there is the less diversity there will be in future generations. Davida Willette. Cassie Lynn. Interesting you say that. My brother spent 30 years in the navy and came home VERY Black mixed Bangor man wanted. I am a white man. What a disgusting notion. All natural oak grilled wings.

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Fresh local arugula, roasted beets, farm goat cheese, fried Black mixed Bangor man wanted, house made roasted onion vinaigrette. Mixed greens, black beans, wood-fired corn, fire-roasted tomato, smoked cheddar, avocado, all natural wood-grilled chicken breast, chipotle ranch.

48 Best Historic Bangor, Maine images | Bangor, Bangor maine, Canoe

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All tacos come with locally made corn or flour tortillas and your choice of duck fat fries or a fire roasted salad. Housemade bacon wrapped Black mixed Bangor man wanted, smoked mozzarella, crispy onions, Sriracha aioli, and Blaze BBQ on toasted brioche bun. Beer braised pulled pork, Blaze BBQ sauce, house slaw, sliced apple, smoked cheddar on toasted brioche bun. Pan fried potato encrusted haddock, lemon aioli, house slaw diced dill pickle.

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I Am Wanting Dick Black mixed Bangor man wanted

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Wood-fired braised short rib served over fire-roasted root vegetables, duck demi-glace. Scrambled eggs, smoked cheddar, black beans, avocado, pico de gallo, sriracha.

All natural hamburger topped with house made corned beef hash, smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, sunny side up egg, home fries. White ricotta base, fingerling potato, roasted shallot, bacon, sweet Sex dating in Kouts, fresh rosemary, duck egg, Maine maple syrup drizzle. House made corned beef, caramelized Black mixed Bangor man wanted, potato, two sunny side eggs, garlic oil.