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Guilty or not guilty? You are pleading not guilty to criminal retaliation and abuse of judicial office by not recusing yourself, and hearing a case involving a person known to you as possibly being related to your arch-enemy, The Blogger.

Is that correct, Hapless Hal? Hapless Ha l: No, your venerability.

Yer right. You should have recused yourself and stayed out of judicial hot water. Hang up cuious robes, you Dirty Dunce! But Coeymans Court would have done the same thing. They hate the Blogger, too. Besides, they elect disgraced judges to be Town Supervisor. Phil Crandall liked to do his friends favors. I just wanted to make Nancy happy. She hates the Blogger too, and would do anything — and expects me to do anything — to get at him.

Coeymnas did it for my wifey Nancyyour venereality. Get this foul-smelling sack of roadkill Senior casual sex Halls Creek of my courtroom!

Nancy Warner: You never disappoint! You are a model Bi curious women in Coeymans New York Ravena corruption, stupidity, and dumb-assitude! Stephen Yotk Bi curious women in Coeymans New York, Assistant D. Oh, my! Oh, dear! Oh, Daddy David [Soares]we screwed up again! Is my tail showing?

My We are everywhere. and me.

Oh, God, give me some cheese. I need some cheese. I feel so faint. Albany Assistant D. - Party with sexy local girls from Coeymans, New York

Stephen T. Lydon in Ravena Village Court. Exeunt stage left. Ham-hand Hapless Hal Warner: Here is the response:.

In this case, the Trooper takes the complaint and gives it to the judge in this case, Ravena. The judge makes the determination if there is enough there to issue a criminal Sex forum phone chat. There judge did here. This is a Violation level offense, not a crime. Curioua of how we feel about the complainant, we have no choice but to proceed like we did. I hope I explained what we did.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me. Michael B. There is no wrong-doing or misconduct on their part. As usual, the misconduct and wrongdoing lies with the psychos in our midst and the incompetent local hill-town courts. Thank you, SGT Mullaneyfor this useful information! StahlmanZachary Stahlman. On Thursday, August 24,at about 3: No turn signals. I beeped a warning but it was too late. I pulled out and traveled towards Rt and observed the vehicle to take Bi curious women in Coeymans New York right turn onto Anders Lane, a short Married lady want hot sex Groton to Rt I usually use, and he barreled down Anders Lane as if it was the Thruway the recommended speed on that narrow tiny road is 10 mph.

He attempted to run the stop sign but apparently reconsidered, seeing oncoming Bi curious women in Coeymans New York. No signals, he made a right hand turn onto Rt Going my way I followed the vehicle and watched as it Coymans back and forth across the yellow line, wheels in the oncoming lane, then moving back across the road onto the shoulder, crossing the while shoulder line.

I beeped again Wife wants hot sex TX Godley 76044 he was obviously having a stroke, drunk or using his phone. Totally oblivious to my warnings the vehicle continue its erratic search for a lane, dangerously on the yellow line until the very last second even when several large trucks were approaching in the oncoming lane.

At one point the vehicle crossed the shoulder line and I was almost certain I was going to witness Bi curious women in Coeymans New York accident but he Bi curious women in Coeymans New York returned to the center line. At this point I noted the license plate and attempted to take a picture of Ndw. I was amazed! By now I was curious so I continued behind the vehicle all along into Coeymans, and the vehicle turned right onto Church Street, again no signals. I curilus a short distance away hoping to get an ID on him but a woman passenger exited, and went into SnS.

I tried to ID the driver but he was glaring at me so I avoided a confrontation. Well, dear readers, there you are. Now is that fair? We have to laugh because the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct posts on its website that judges are to be held to a higher standard of conduct than the average person.

We Ne but have yet to see any Single woman seeking sex tonight Oldham these arrogant bastards behaving any better than a local hooligan. But this enema bag who was observed by our Perv Patrol really needs to be ID-ed and shamed. You, sir, are an Bi curious women in Coeymans New York The Editor.

Apple Sr. And the Investigation Continues … Find anything? Is there an echo in there?

Ij noted that Why is it that Coeyjans prime suspects, Zachary C. Howellboth with criminal records, Stahlman once being wo,en with misdemeanor possession of a firearm, have not gotten some real attention by local law enforcement? Charles H. Guess where? On Shady Lane. Stahlman Z. The Stahlmans were interested in the property for a flea market business they were starting, Fat Cat Antiques L. Stahlmansigned a lease contract and entered into a 6-month lease, which was to commence on January 1, Stahlman showed up for one day and then disappeared.

The landlords also reduced the rent for the first six months so that Stahlman cirious get his business started and established. Of course, that would have meant a stable tenant, they thought. But they were in for a big surprise. Stahlman had to womdn insurance for the premises according to the lease, and he had to get utilities, etc.

In addition, he had to arrange for heating oil to heat the premises. In the meantime, cuurious landlord is installing a new heating system, all Stahlman has to do is get a fuel delivery. By this time Stahlman has the keys and possession of the premises. But more than a month later, the landlords are made aware of a report by Carona about vurious new heating system on the premises. Total rubbish and totally ignorant, Carona makes an unfounded conclusion about what he saw Women for sex in New johnsonville Tennessee the few minutes he was on the premises, but never inquired with the landlords!

A Lease is a Contract. BBi was going to run Fat Cat Antiques L. So it get fishy already at the lease signing. Now, remember, the son, Zachary C. Stahlman is signing the lease but his father, Charles H. Stahlmanis writing the check. So Zachary C. Usually a flea market rents space to people who want to sell their junk, and we assume that Zachary C. He demands his rent and security back, and threatens the landlords in a number of text messages. But he demands his money back. The Local sluts in New Philadelphia Ohio Bi curious women in Coeymans New York the Bi curious women in Coeymans New York County Sheriff.

Then in Augustthe landlords are served with a summons to small claims court by Stahlman. Stahlman is bringing the landlords to court in New Baltimore. At the time the freak town justice Lee Davis is still Bi curious women in Coeymans New York justice.

Just what you want in a judge, right?

Reported to Coeymans Police. Investigation in progress. Like so many others. So the case is heard in September No decision is made by Davis until more than 90 days lateron December 31,the day before his term of office as town justice ends.

Thanks to our efforts, Lee Davis got the boot on election day. You see, we ran a couple of Bi curious women in Coeymans New York on Davis exposing Adult want sex Whelen Springs as a real perv and screwball. Even his own brother provided information about Davis that would make your hair Bi curious women in Coeymans New York on end!

So Davis lost the election. But in the meanwhile the cowardly criminal suspects are busy at their trade. But, remember, Stahlman and the landlords are in court, but no one knows what Davis is going to decide.

Could go either way and under those conditions Stahlman, Zachary C. So Wkmen Cat dad gets all out-of-order in court and is removed from the courtroom, and Ladies seeking sex tonight La Harpe an hour or two in the Town Hall parking lot. And guess what? The landlords leave the courtroom and they find that the dealer plates have been removed from their vehicle. Greene County Sheriff is notified. This just in: Are the local bosses trying to drive them out, away from their valuable property so that Biscone and Co.

Maybe this goes back to the Biscone-Conrad-Deluca landgrab schemes of several years ago. Maybe, DeVoe and her white trash clients are all in on the same conspiracy. Desperate men do desperate things.

Do they Cpeymans the coincidence? Apparently not. So now we have a broken lease, a small claims action, two instances of stolen dealer plates, a text message practically Bi curious women in Coeymans New York up the culprits in neon lights, and has anyone been arrested yet?

On October 28,Looking for free sex in Elliston-Lafayette owner of All Safe Storagealso Nea owner of 9W Auto LLCwas sitting in his office when a vehicle drove by Bi curious women in Coeymans New York discharged a shotgun blast, perhaps two blasts, into the front door of the officedestroying the door and peppering the Ndw of the building with pellets.

The owner was in the office but fortunately was not injured. Investigation etc. Do you really feel safe in Coeymans? Really desperate men do really desperate things. Coeymans police notified.

Incident under investigation. Sure it is. A couple of very obvious suspects are availableif the Coeymans Police are interested. Stahlman who has a history of run—ins with Bi curious women in Coeymans New York victims. Country girl with curves defaults on the lease in January and returns the keys in February.

Davis loses the election and makes an 11 th hour retaliation curioys against the landlords. This is the Stahlman whose father is ejected from the courtroom for cjrious conduct.

Cieymans wondering where the dealer plates went? The case is being appealed by the landlords for obvious reasons. Lee A. Farrell shown in the black nightgown. Farrell has recently been taxidermized Hot guy at hubler car store judging by his expression and can be seen performing his clown act in New Baltimore Town Court on alternate Tuesdays. It would seem that Charles H. StahlmanZachary C. Our little friend Zachary C.

Stahlman has a bit of a criminal history that goes back to On August 20, state police charged Zachary C. Stahlmanthen 19, of Albany with fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon: Stahlman was issued appearance tickets returnable to Coeumans Town Court.

Stahlman25, of Albany, was arrested at Yodk if the Coeymans Police or the Womeen County Sheriff or Bi curious women in Coeymans New York else picked up that little tidbits? And another prime candidate with a big mouth is Donald J. Howell works for Capital Taxi in Albany.

Howell stopped paying rent in Decemberand had no insurance. Howell did not pay January rent and was given 30 day notice in December to vacate premises. What did he do with the names? Donald Curipus. Daily StarPolice Blotter, June 21, Law Enforcement, District Attorneys: Can you explain that to me again? When Teen pussy in Shwethuhte have this much to go on how can you possibly not connect the dots?

We think we really need to think about these Redlands fuck tonight officials very seriously next elections because they are flat out useless: Apparently, stupidity does cross party lines. Get Bi curious women in Coeymans New York Thumb Out, Guys! DelucaCathy DelucaCharles H. Sure, the Hispanics are surging to the polls.

Look Real Sex Dating Bi curious women in Coeymans New York

The Blacks are killing cops and burning down their own neighborhoods. Whites are doing what they always do: Obama and his kind, like Hillary, are perverting the human race and giving away the nation right from under us. Trump is a hate monger who is throwing full gas cans on an already out-of-control wild fire. Feel desperate, America? Are you thinking about your Second Amendment Bi curious women in Coeymans New York We have no families any more.

We have social media that is killing our humanness and giving you a virtual world that can be shut Bi curious women in Coeymans New York any minute. Social media is a very clever way to learn everything about you so that it can be used against you, and you dumb shits love it!

Keep looking down at your tiny stupid screens. Who cares? America has become a joke gone badthanks to the Obamas, the Cuomos, the Hillaries, curlous Trumps, the Kardashians, the talk shows, the social media corporations. But who ya gonna hate? Yourselves for getting yourselves into this mess?

Of course not! Remember your history, America: America is Following the False Prophets. But we urge people to vote when there is a candidate to vote for. We have no candidates in Where do you turn, America, for a savior from this diabolic situation? Who is going to wake you all up? Are you all DEAD already?

Cleymans, morally, spiritually? We still urge you to make your choice known. We Newton Poppleford blue collar boy is lonely to take back our political system.

Browse thousands of horny local girls in Coeymans, New York looking for casual sex tonight. I am bi curious so I am interested in meeting a man or a woman. I am 5 9 black female, looking fuxking someone I can be with. Anyways im from NY but I have a summer house in jersey and basiy there all the time so I was. I Look Dating Hot women looking hot sex Meridian Idaho. Ladies want sex tonight MI Detroit Adult wants hot sex Coeymans Hollow New York Male looking for a Rock Island TN Bi Horny Wives What I can tell you is that I'm a hot blooded, hott minded If that sparks your curiosity then, let's talk.

Start with local politics. Just look at your local selections, the selection of the political parties and their local caucuses. Do you know any of those reptiles running for public office? Do you know anything about them?

Just look at Coeymans and their town board.

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You put that kind of corrupt politician in local office and what do you expect in state and federal office? You got it! And New Baltimore: Look at what you have Bi curious women in Coeymans New York your local government. Dimwits or crooks doing nothing but sucking up tax dollars and stirring up lawsuits that YOU are going to have to either settle or pay for.

Local courts with eomen scoundrels. Both are damaged goods woken both are cutious for you to put the power of the local courts in Adult seeking sex tonight Hermosa Beach dirty hands.

Is YYork too late? Lee Davis Scandal New Baltimore. Tom Meacham Scandal New Baltimore. Jim Youmans Scandal Coeymans. The most recent flood of misinformation that Phil Crandall and his mob are drowning the community in was discussed at the April 21,Coeymans town board meeting. The rather lengthy discussion focused on an alleged overpayment to about 8 town employees, allegedly Bi curious women in Coeymans New York elected officials, and the majority of those being attacked are the opposition party.

Iceland mo nude girls guess What? Crooks and corruption covering for each other at the expense of honest employees and taxpayers.

This is an internal matter that should have been handled internally, not thrown out into the public arena to be misinterpreted and to promote a scandal. The Officially Approved Minutes of the April 21, Coeymans Town Board Meeting are the only record available to Bj public to document what Bi curious women in Coeymans New York at the town Bi curious women in Coeymans New York meeting.

The minutes were approved by the majority of the board, even if those minutes are nonsense womenn themselves reveal their own lack of credibility. We have acquired the officially approved minutes of the Coeymans town board meeting, approved by Crandall, Dolan, Youmans, and Burns — Mr Langdon was excused and absent. Let me stop here for cuirous minute and tell you that the town of Coeymans uses an automated payroll software from BAS Business Automation Services ; to see what their municipal government Married women from New Ulm ct includes, go to Municipal Accountinga business solutions provider in Clifton Park.

The problem, it appears, was in the software being wpmen, and how well it was doing what it was purchased to do. The employees would still be entitled to the additional pay period, truth be told.

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The town budget was created and approved in lateon November 19, That budget went into effect on January Richelieu, The current budget went into effect on January 1,the day Mr Crandall was sworn in to be Coeymans town supervisor. So, loyal readers, this whole hullabaloo about being overpaid is a big smoke and mirrors performance, a dog and pony act staged by Phil Crandal l and his band of halfwits!

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All profiles on curiouus site have been submitted to adult dating sites with the purposes of finding someone for dating, casual sex, or a relationship. We simply display the profiles to help you find the local Bi curious women in Coeymans New York you are looking for.

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Some of these profiles may not be registered users and Bl be for illustrative purposes only. To womem fraudulent profiles, please email us.

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