Our Story

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Hi, I'm John Morris from, Tauranga in The Bay of Plenty, founder and director of Agrissentials - Best on earth Organx™ fertilisers.

In my younger days I was a commercial grower and ran livestock for 20 years in New Zealand. I followed the system the agro-chemical companies laid out for us which resulted in pumping more and more chemicals onto my land, which supported those companies but ultimately weakened my soil and lessened my production.

I started researching other ways of doing things. What I learned was that I needed to build the mineral content along with the microbial life, lift my worm count - and get life back into my soil. 

What I've developed is a system, whereby your pasture/plants get to use all the mineral purchased plus the added value of water stored with the humus created by micro-organisms for plant hydration - this is the natural system at its best! The more you increase the mineral content on your farm/orchard/block, the more you increase the plant, animal and human immunity, ensuring health and vitality to all.

​Here's to a healthy life! 


Get in touch with Agrissentials to find out more about the benefits of using best on earth organx fertiliser - email us or call 0800 THE KEY [0800 843 539]

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