The key to better, healthier soil.

Since 1995 we have specialised in producing multi-mineral, microbial rich, BioGro certified fertiliser.

Our fertilisers are designed to bring health and vitality back to soils. We see Topsoil and water as the two most precious resources on our planet, together with micro-organisms and sunlight.

Our fertilisers are live, living fertlisers interacting with the soil, water, micro-organisms and sunlight to produce strong healthy plants that connect health to animals and people.

We love what we do. Our goal is to bring health, vitality and wellbeing back to the soil, for a cleaner, greener more natural environment for all.  Connecting to the positive is what our lives are all about.

There are so many  benefits to using best on earth fertilisers. For more information, read our story and see our testimonials, email us - or phone 0800 THE KEY (0800 843 539) for a chat or a free information pack.